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Affirmational Posters

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lil clearpill

Affirmational Posters are spiritcharms to bring beauty into the daily life of the modern employee. Modern work has degraded into a death spiral of soulless and spiritually empty lifehacking and optimizing.

But Affirmational Posters offer a way out. These powerful image technologies pair one top text Manifestation with a bottom text Affirmation, which can be repeated or simply gazed at by the employee to manifest a lifelong love for the beauty of productivity.


High-performing managers around the world are already investing to replace all the windows in their office buildings with Affirmational Posters. Remodels like this have the added benefit of preventing any unintended worker suicide and 10xing employee happiness according to a variety of occupational studies.

The primary ‘utility’ of the Affirmational Poster is its ability to transform the soul of a lazy, unproductive worker into a golden employee who will love you forever and never abandon you.

Where does the affirmational power of the poster come from?

Each poster has a series of defining attributes that set it apart in the portfolio of the holder:

  • Element: Posters are divided into Nature, Technology, Love, Chaos, and Angelic element categories. Each of these categories is rarer than the last, representing a window into the fundamental qualities of our reality. The images and backgrounds of each poster distill these elements to their essence, providing a highly-concentrated dose of manifestational power every time the image is viewed. Manifestation: Every poster’s top text sets a goal clearly in the viewer’s mind--from COURAGE to CLOUT. Setting it against the background of images charges the affirmation with elemental energy and clearly focuses it as a goal in the mind of the viewer.
  • Affirmation: The bottom text of the poster can be repeated, read aloud, or even sung by the viewer to spiritually invoke the powers of affirmation and manifestation. It is like a seed phrase for the wallet of reality itself, and the more it is committed to memory, the more spiritually rich its holder will become.
  • Spiritpath: Posters are consecrated with a spiritpath, which may take a number of different shapes. From the rare spiritpath of the Spinny Heart to the more common signs of Sun or Moon, these symbols show the path that the heart will take on its journey towards manifesting affirmation.
  • Rune: Each Affirmational Poster is hand-blessed by an IRL druid trained in drawing the great and powerful runes of Elder Futhark. These runes, which range in their blessing from Birth to Dawn, provide an everlasting connection between the on-chain asset and the power of the earth.They empower the project to cross over into the real world, to ‘touch grass’ and take shape as physical poster, to magically sunder the barriers between real and digital.

These different traits combine to provide the collection with a diverse rarity distribution that makes each Affirmational Poster a distinct wellness asset.


Affirmational posters draw upon the early 2000s Internet nostalgia of the motivational poster and infuse it with the network wisdom of the 2020s. The collection is a love letter to the aesthetics and culture of online image sharing platforms like Tumblr and imageboards.

And yet, it also seeks to transcend the assembly-line nature of contemporary content production, in which beautiful images are perpetually lost in an infinite scroll.

Swan Love

The Affirmational Poster takes the digital image out of the scroll and consecrates it as a shrine that the viewer can continually return to, for inspiration, power, and happiness.

Each image is preserved forever as the centerpiece of manifestation.

Affirmational Posters are helping make the Internet immortal.

Vessel Burn

Posters were assembled through a lengthy and highly-curated process of image gathering, caption construction, and intensive group prayer.

Manifestations themselves were constructed through a unique process that involved training a more flexible, older-generation language model on a dataset of tweets from @lilclearpill and then carefully rewriting and curating each generation to resonate with the collection’s spiritual center of gravity.


Those who keep a close eye on the project will notice the way the collection’s images pay homage to culture and ethos of network spirituality, and to the broader ecosystem and culture of neodoujin creators active in our community. We love you all so much.


Affirmational Posters, led by @lilclearpill and friends from Based Retard Gang, affirms the spirit of an internet culture that can never die, providing you with powerful tools to fall in love with the work you do today, and affirm your best self forever and ever tomorrow.