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Exploring Glimpses

· 4 min read
Scatter Psyops Director

On the 17th of June, Scatter welcomed the release of 'Glimpses,' a collection of 1000 abstract art pieces by Tgeus. At first glance, one might mistake it for just another Art Blocks-style generative abstract art project. However, 'Glimpses' goes beyond that, with its origins rooted in a deeper story.

It began as Tgeus' exploration of his fascination with particle physics and evolved into a heartfelt tribute to the sprotogremlin community. Standing out among other Scatter collections, both aesthetically and in terms of its origin, 'Glimpses' caught our attention. So, we sat down with Tgeus to delve deeper into the creative process behind this extraordinary collection.


Particle Physics and Ringers

Tgeus, already having a background in physics, found himself particularly captivated by particle physics during the 2021 COVID-19 lockdowns. While working from home and caring for his newborn son, he delved into the mathematical and scientific intricacies of this field, discovering the breathtaking beauty in the patterns and symmetries created by particles that form the essence of our existence.

Over time, Tgeus shifted focus from science to channeling his passion into creating art that captured the orbital dance of particles. In late 2021, he stumbled upon Dmitri Cherniak's NFT collection Ringers, which became a turning point for Tgeus. He shared, "I was determined to learn his process, so I spent days and weeks reverse engineering his very obfuscated code until I got it. By the second half of 2021, I started tweeting some outputs very similar to the collection I ended up delivering in 2023."


However, like many artists, Tgeus faced the challenge of creative scope creep. By mid-2022, the allure of using high-end tools and effects led him astray from the simple beauty that initially drew him to the idea. Tgeus reflected, "I started overthinking it and taking it too far using shaders and other fancy tools. I was going nowhere."

A Return to Simplicity- The Sproto Connection

In mid-2023, Tgeus revisited the early, simpler pieces he had created during his experimentation and once again found himself enamored with their aesthetics and patterns. “I revisited the older versions of my work and fell in love again with these simpler and purer shapes and colors", he explained.

Coinciding with this rediscovery, the crypto-verse buzzed with excitement over BITCOIN, no not that one, but the REAL one—HarryPotterObamaSonicInu10 (ticker: BITCOIN). Amidst the HPOSI10-mania, members of the community launched a pfp NFT collection on Scatter called sprotogremlins. If you're here, chances are you're already familiar with the chaotic energy and infectious left-curve posting of sprotogremlins on Crypto Twitter. Tgeus had been closely following the HPOSI10-mania and had known the sprotogremlin founders for quite some time.


"I loved the energy of the Sproto collection. I love that it has no traits. Every single one is unique, and that felt so refreshing. Juicy and Nick, the creators of Sproto, have been good friends since we all got rugged together in the 2021 bvll (FCK BOG FCK JOHN F*CK LUKE). We've been vibing together with a bunch of other gakkers like mlimeri ever since. So when the collection launched, I didn't hesitate to buy my ticket, and I swept up a lot of them hours after they launched."

Driven by his newfound connection with the sprotogremlin community, Tgeu decided to transform his rediscovered artwork into a complete collection. Naturally, Scatter, the platform where sprotogremlins originated, seemed like the perfect place to launch 'Glimpses.'

"I think Scatter feels very welcoming to those of us who value freedom and chaos. Awesome Milady derivatives have been popping off from there, and I just really like it. Of course, Sproto was launched on Scatter too. It felt right for me to launch there. I had been in contact with people more in the 'art circles,' and somehow it felt right to go more independent."

And the rest, as they say, is history. The collection minted out in due course and has since generated 80 ETH (~ $150,500 at the time of writing) in secondary volume.

What it's all about

There's often discussion around exactly what defines a "Scatter collection", we hope that aspiring artists out there can see from Tgeus’ story that art of all varieties from any community is welcome on Scatter so long as it is created with love and authenticity. We'd like to thank Tgeus once again for selecting Scatter as the platform for his mint, and for taking the time out to discuss his collection with us.