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FRUiTS x REMiLiA is an unprecedented and historical collaboration of fashion, art, and culture. Remilia, the renowned net art collective, and FRUiTS Magazine, the legendary bible of Tokyo street fashion, have joined forces in a creative canvas that's as inevitable as it is electrifying.

★★★ FRUiTS x REMiLiA ★★★

༺ Pop-up Show & Capsule Collection ༻

♡ JAN 12 - 14 2024 ♡ ♡ DIG SHIBUYA TOKYO ♡

Super Lovers inspired FRUiTS x REMiLiA Collab Logo

Super Lovers inspired FRUiTS x REMiLiA Collab Logo

Remilia returns to Tokyo to present a collab pop-up with FRUiTS Magazine, presented in DIG SHIBUYA 2024, an art festival organized by Shibuya City, as part of the Proof of X art exhibition featuring a selection of digital artists.

Proof of X Main Visual

Featuring new artwork in collaboration with FRUiT's Shoichi Aoki + an official FRUiTS x REMiLiA merch line + FRUiTS MiLADY 3D NFT collection + Kagami Academy pixel NFT collection.

FRUiTS Magazine

FRUiTS Magazine, an icon in the world of street fashion, was founded in 1997 by Japanese photographer Shoichi Aoki. Characterized by its astute documentation of the vivid and eclectic streetstyle that emerged out of Harajuku, Tokyo.

FRUiTS is most notable for its role in popularizing the diverse and avant-garde street fashion trends of Tokyo. What set FRUiTS apart was its raw, candid photography style and its focus on the real, often self-styled outfits of the youths it featured. Unlike traditional fashion magazines that often revolve around professional models and designer clothes, FRUiTS celebrated individualism and the creativity of everyday people.

FRUiTS played a significant role in influencing fashion internationally, inspiring designers and trendsetters worldwide with its colorful and unconventional aesthetic. Its distinctive approach to fashion journalism has not only chronicled but also shaped the landscape of street fashion, both in Japan and globally, making it a significant and enduring cultural phenomenon.

"Fashion is a weapon." - Shoichi Aoki

Remilia Corporation

Remilia’s contribution to the art world is not just significant; it is foundational to the next 100 years of art, pioneering groundbreaking new approaches to art in the internet era.

Remilia's influence extends far beyond the realm of art; it represents a new chapter in cultural evolution, a testament to the transformative power of art-as-cult.

At the heart and soul of Remilia Corporation's philosophy is the concept of constructing and influencing social realities through art, fashion, music, literature, and cinema. This approach has positioned the collective not just as an organization, but as a catalyst for a new form of cultural production.

Remilia is an institution. Remilia is a self-organization. Remilia is a lifestyle brand. Remilia is a master-planned community. Remilia is an investment fund. Remilia is an artist's colony. Remilia is an independent record label. Remilia is financial art. Remilia is a community center for the digital village. Remilia is a manifesto. Remilia will save the internet.


Shoichi Aoki declared in 2017 that there were ‘no more cool kids left to photograph’ and announced a pause in new FRUiTS issues. Remilia revealed they’re still around, they’re just all online now.

Remilia formed by bringing together individuals from disparate online tribal subcultures. Artists, models, writers, and those not in employment, education, or training were banding together in cultural cliques reminiscent of the Harajuku street-style tribes. Like FRUiTS photographing youth fashion on the streets of Tokyo, Remilia began by documenting the art and style of the digital native generation.

In the fall of 2021, Remilia released Milady, a generative PFP NFT project directly inspired by the street style tribes of Tokyo. The Milady assets were divided into five major style themes - gyaru, prep, lolita, hypebeast, and harajuku - that call to mind the iconic fashion trends of y2k Japan. Milady was the first serious attempt at making art out of the generative PFP concept, merging the playful creativity of street fashion kids with the hypercitational detail oriented collecting of an emergent online species. The Milady PFP quickly emerged as the mask of choice among a new online underground culture that championed uncensored expression, copyleft, network spirituality, algorithmic hijacking, and the acceleration of creativity online.

FRUiTS x REMiLiA Fashion Pieces

FRUiTS and Remilia join hands to celebrate the resurgence of art captured through the lens of the network. Both recognize the power of spontaneity in art and the interplay between chaotic impulse and meticulous curation. Milady, having been inspired by the synthesis of Eastern and Western culture that FRUiTS captured on the streets of Tokyo, returns to its source at DIG SHIBUYA in an exclusive collaboration between two of the vanguards of youth fashion and subculture.


FRI JAN 12 [11 PM JST / 9 AM EST] - SUN JAN 14 [11 PM / 9 AM EST]

FRUiTS MiLADY is a capsule collection of 6 Milady figurines styled in outfits based on historical streetstyle photos from the FRUiTS Magazine archives. Produced by Remilia Collective in collaboration with FRUiTS’ Shoichi Aoki for the FRUiTS x REMiLiA pop-up @ DIG SHIBUYA 2024, Tokyo, Japan.

The auctions for each run at the same time, will go on for 48 hours, and can be extended by 5 minutes at a time once the main auction time is over as long as new bids come in for a figure.

Remilia went through the 1998-2003 FRUiTS magazine archives and picked out outfits to style Milady in, allowing the character to cosplay its ancestors. The trait metadata references actual contemporaneous responses given to Aoki by his subjects, hinting at the music and attitudes that were common to the era.

FRUiTS MiLADY 05/1999 - Hiromyon

  • Fashion tips: Lazy
  • Favorite music: ACO
  • Occupation: Crepe cafe

FRUiTS MiLADY 04/1999 - Noriko

  • Fashion tip: What the hell?
  • Favorite music: Chara
  • Occupation: Band

FRUiTS MiLADY 10/1998 - Madoka

  • Fashion tip: Be careful!
  • Favorite music: CASCADE
  • Occupation: University student

FRUiTS MiLADY 01/1998 - Kaori

  • Fashion tip: Gentle colors
  • Favorite music: CASCADE
  • Occupation: Third-year high school student

FRUiTS MiLADY 03/2001 - Sunny

  • Fashion tip: I’m wearing the same as yesterday
  • Favorite music: Judy and Mary
  • Occupation: Record store

FRUiTS MiLADY 02/1999 - Ayumi

  • Fashion tip: Red and White Christmas
  • Favorite music: Sonic Youth
  • Occupation: First-year highschool student

The auctionhouse website was also inspired by FRUiTS archive, pulling from the crayon graphics of some of its spreads, evoking the childlike DIY sensibility FRUiTS and Remilia share.

FRUiTS MiLADY Auctionhouse

💮 Owners of exclusive 1/1 FRUiTS MiLADY figurines can play as them in Nifty Island! 💮

Kagami Academy

Kagami Academy

Kagami Academy is a 33x44 pixel NFT collection featuring the 8 Remilia-kei best friends who form Remilia High’s afterschool Dessert Club: meet Cream, Cocoa, Butter, Rose, Peach, Vanilla, Lavender and Slime.

Kagami’s are formatted to be translatable into physical bead art and bag charms, and test the limits of expressing stylish J-Fashion aesthetics in a highly limited pixel format. The dessert themed color girls are inspired by the playful aesthetic-racial clashes of the gyaru style.

Kagami’s design dates back to shortly after Milady’s launch, August 2021, teased but never released until it was revived and completed as a free tie-in to the FRUiTS MiLADY collection, with the goal of platforming the Auctioncore bid incentive model: every bid on FRUiTS MiLADY provides a claim for 2 $KAGAMI token, and Kagami Academy can only be minted by burning 2 $KAGAMI tokens.

Kagami Milady Fumo

Auctioncore’s bidding incentive model was originally developed for Bonkler (the neverending auction, currently on hold along with Auctioncore due to the on-going events of Bonkler 9/11).

Auctioncore is intended to be generated as an NFT for every bidder on Bonkler—the higher the bid, the higher the weighting towards rolling rare assets. It would be retroactively airdropped to current bidders as well.

$KAGAMI appears in a simplified form, where bid size does not effect the rarity weighting; and after the auctions conclude with the close of the pop-up gallery, any Kagami becomes available to mint free to Remilia asset and Milady derivative holders, if any remain.

Note: the $KAGAMI token is meant to be burned for the NFT, there are no plans to incorporate the token in future official Remilia releases. There is no limit on the amount of $KAGAMI that can be created from bids. Kagami Academy has a limited supply so do not wait to spend your $KAGAMI to mint them.

A Match Made in Harajuku

FRUiTS MiLADY auctions will be live during the event.

FRI JAN 12 [11 PM JST / 9 AM EST] - SUN JAN 14 [11 PM / 9 AM EST]

Find FRUiTS Magazine

Find Remilia Corporation


Schedule Jan 12 (Fri) 2024-Jan 14 (Sun) 2024

Location 2F, 2-14-8 Dogensaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043

Access 10 minute walk from the Hachiko exit of JR Shibuya Station.

Art & Dev Credits

FRUiTS MiLADY was conceptualized by Charlotte Fang with Shoichi Aoki, with Charlotte Fang’s executive creative direction, art direction by Yuyu Jin, 3D modeling by Kirachew, auctionhouse graphic design by three, auctionhouse development by Scatter team & model rigging by Cat @ Scatter.

Kagami’s original concept art by gutterworld under Charlotte Fang’s direction, with art by a group of Remilia girls Yuyu Jin, Heartornament, Mei Mei, Lucia, Example; with creative support from Sam, Tej, Hannah and Nya, under Michael Dragovic’s lead and Charlotte Fang’s executive creative direction, and development delivered by Scatter’s team. Kagami Academy is licensed under the Viral Public License.