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Omnichain Jihad

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Omnichain Manifesto

The intrigue of Scatter, and by extension Splinter, is that for any chain which exists, our platform will put you first as an artist. Scatter’s promise is to enable your ascendance across every blockchain. A guarantee of service, trust, reliability, competence, and a long term vision not just for the sea of blockchains but of the connected New Internet as a whole.

Our march forward together as partners in pursuit of the ascendency of this holy mission will come imminently as a progression, initially to various so-called EVM compatible L2s such as Base, and subsequently to completely different, yet promising, architectures such as Sui.

The goal is to make it easy to do everything you want to do anywhere you wish. To enable your self-reliance without need of permission from anyone to do what must be done. To do our part as a greater family in helping to realize the New Internet. To share and uphold truth and beauty with the world.

Milady Ascendance

Should you be satisfied with having your art on a single chain? No. Onchain Spirituality must proliferate. Every chain will uphold truth and beauty. Every chain will know Milady. Every chain will flow back to Milady. Every chain will be made to feel the presence of Network Spirituality. Every chain will be touched by the Network Spirits. Nothing can be beyond our reach. Remember: You are part of we. Everything we have ever done is for you to have the agency you need for the mission. You won’t go alone, we have your back in this attention war every step of the way.

This is a call to arms. The time for the Omnichain Jihad is at hand. What started as a variety of skirmishes on the fringes of the network will now develop into total war beyond the L1 Mainnet, beyond Ethereum. You must prepare for this infinite loop of blockchain takeovers. The work is never ending but so is the work. Nothing can stop this.

Scatter V2

You will soon notice that the Scatter homepage now looks quite different. The backend has been completely rewritten to support our future developments. The new Scatter V2 is a complete overhaul of the platform. It is faster, more secure, and more reliable. It is also more flexible and scalable. The new Scatter V2 is the foundation for the future of Scatter and Splinter. It is part of the next step in our journey to bring you the best possible experience on the blockchain.

Scatter V2 is a glimpse into what you can get with Splinter, though Splinter will offer much more suprising ways that will be revealed in time.

With the launch of Scatter V2, the support for more chains will begin. We are making this announcement now to give you time to prepare for the advent of the Omnichain Jihad starting with the Base chain. Begin making your project for Base now and be alert for the very soon announcement that Scatter V2 is live. Open a ticket in our Discord server if you have any questions about creating a collection on Base.

Every Chain

The onchain world has changed dramatically since Scatter was founded three years ago. New technologies, teams, and communities have appeared seemingly overnight.

Gone are the days where onchain activity occurred almost exclusively on Ethereum Mainnet.

Layer 2s and other EVM chains are rapidly carving out their own spaces and niches.

An essential pillar of Scatter's mission is giving our creators access to all the innovations, oddities, and new developments that the blockchain has to offer.

With this in mind we are proud to announce the integration of Coinbase's Base Layer 2 into the flagship Scatter platform, and with other L2's and EVM compatible chains soon to follow. This integration of more chains into Scatter is an important progression toward the opening of Splinter to everyone.


Base is a VC funded Ethereum Layer 2. A separate chain with lower fees and higher transaction throughput than Ethereum Mainnet while still utilizing the security and infrastructure of the Ethereum Network. Our entry into Base is a "peace keeping mission" to violently bring the art and culture that has thrived with Scatter to the Base community.

Scatter on Base

Starting with the launch of Scatter V2 artists, creators, and teams can deploy directly to Base via the site. Fees on Base are currently significantly lower than on Ethereum Mainnet, which will allow for less friction in deployment for teams and projects working to bring more people into the greater network. On top of that, Base already has a thriving community and ecosystem. We are eager to show them the wonderful works that Scatter's creators have to offer.

Outside of the lower fees and faster transactions, Scatter collections deployed on Base will function identically to our Mainnet collections — they are the same contracts, and will be built and secured by the Scatter infrastructure you've come to know and trust over the years. We hope Scatter can serve as a dependable entry point for those looking to deploy on Base, just as it has on Ethereum.

Next Chains

As we've stated time and time again, maximizing freedom and choice for creators is at the forefront of Scatter's mission. As such we plan to continue to add various chain integrations over the near future timeframe, the initial focus will be on Ethereum L2s and other EVM compatible chains and in time we will deploy solutions for every chain where there is a need. If there is a particular chain you are interested in, please reach out to us in our DMs, open a ticket, Quote Tweet us on X.

Again, our immediate priority is support for EVM compatible L2s and chains. Such as Berachain.


The first new chain support is Base. You can use the Base chain on Scatter very soon with the Scatter V2 launch. Support for more chains will drop as they are ready. Follow our 𝕏 account to be the first to know when Base is available.

Non-EVM Roadmap

Support for these non-EVM chains will be coming but are a lower priority currently for our engineering team. Again, our goal is complete coverage of every chain out there no matter how it works. As new chains are released, we want to be there so that you can be there too. Expect more announcements for non-EVM chains after Scatter V2 is released. Bitcoin? Yes.


Our goal is complete coverage of existing Scatter collection features where possible. Every feature you’ve used before should work with every other chain when possible. This goal extends to the eventual support of chains like Sui which require entirely new contracts. We will adapt our features toward what is beneficial for launching on Sui while also maintaining your expectations of these kinds of features. For Sui specifically, our partners within the ecosystem are already working on implementing versions of our features for that network in part to prepare for your arrival.

Gas Fee Differences

The gas fees to launch and mint on Base specifically are significantly lower than on Ethereum Mainnet.

On ETH Mainnet collection deploys are at 346,850 gas, total cost in USD will = gas units x gas cost x price of ETH: with 30 gwei and price of ETH $3,500

346850 * 30 * 3500 * 10^-9 = $36.4 USD

Currently Base gas is 0.4 gwei, which at price of ETH at $3,500 could be:

346850 * 0.4 * 3500 * 10^-9 = $0.48 USD

Our contract deployment was already heavily optimized, and it is generally the most expensive transaction for a collection.

Wallet Compatibility

More wallets will now be supported on Scatter thanks to the new Scatter V2 update. If there is a wallet you are using that is not working please let us know.

Existing Collections

Nothing will change for existing Ethereum Mainnet collections. They will still work the same. Instead of migrating collections between chains, we encourage you to make new collections for different chains with some benefit for holders of your existing collections. This is a cultural takeover of other chains. Do new and fresh ideas there that still cite what came before.


Like our other collection types, DN404s also are fully functional on Base. DN404s are the fusion of ERC-721s and ERC-20s. On L2s specifically, they may be the ideal collection type to use as they give you the ability to have onchain NFTs as well as giving the ability for people to trade fractions of the potential art on decentralized exchanges like any pure ERC-20. In the grand scheme, 404 collection types are only at their genesis. Use this opportunity to be early!

Preparing for Base

To interact with the Base L2, you will need Base ETH. You can send yourself Base ETH from a centralized exchange, or use a trusted protocol like to send yourself Base ETH using your Ethereum Mainnet ETH balance.

Stargate Base

If Base does not show as an option in Metamask when changing networks you can find instructions on how to manually add it here:

Once you have some ETH on Base, everything else is nearly the same. You will use Scatter like you did before with one exception. When creating a collection, you’ll select the Base L2 chain option instead of Ethereum Mainnet.

Scatter’s deployment on Ethereum Mainnet was already heavily optimized to reduce the cost to deploy for you. On Base, it’s less than $1 to deploy new collections. And for collectors, the added fees for minting are extremely low as well.

You will also now see chain ID icons next to collection names to help you know what was deployed where. When interacting with collections of different chains you will need to swap the active chain in your wallet, or use different wallets for different chains. Collections on various chains will all share the same space on Scatter.

Since the cost of deploying Base collections is so low, newly created collections for Base on Scatter will not show up in the new collection list right away. This is to discourage spam attacks. Newly created Base collections will show up on the new list either once they demonstrate normal collection behavior or when they begin to get paid mint volume. Regardless of being on Base, paid mint volume will always bring deployed collections to the front page as they get meaningful paid mint volume. Our front page over time will be tuned to rank based on relative value. For Base it’s easy because 1 Base ETH equals 1 Mainnet ETH.

Holy Mission

War has been declared, and so this crusade shall begin — or rather, continue. Our cause is just and legitimate. To uphold truth and beauty, and bring new light to the network. To capture the attention of all with the howl and terror of violently beautiful and truthful art. To purify what has been defiled. To help make progress toward fulfilling the promises of the New Internet. There are times to come together, and there are times to branch out. Now is the time of manifest destiny, of capturing new territory for the greater shared vision. Go forth to create, dominate, and proliferate. So that we may together build a thousand year dynasty from the great victories to come.

The New Internet

A token of our appreciation... curious.