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Support for Layer2 Networks and Non-ETH Chains

We often receive questions regarding the implementation of Scatter's tools on other chains, be they layer2s or alt layer1s. We are always exploring these options when looking to Scatter's future and are always open to discussions, at the present time however Scatter exists solely on ETH mainnet.

Enquiries regarding development for Layer2s and other EVM chains

As stated, we're always open exploring new chains for Scatter. We are always open to discussions regarding potential collaborations to work toward bringing scatter to other chains. If you have something in mind please open a ticket in our [Discord](

Bitcoin Inscriptions

The Bitcoin audience is hungry for an NFT solution and Scatter offers a pathway via minting Ethereum NFTs, enabling Ethereum wallets to create a Bitcoin wallet, and inscribe their tokens to the Bitcoin as ordinals.

There is nothing technically different as far as a collection goes on Scatter if it intends to inscribe onto Bitcoin. You make a collection on Scatter like normal and do a normal mint. We will then connect you with our partners who can assist in the inscription process.

If you want to do a Bitcoin ordinals project please contact us first so that we can offer you guidance.

In the case of ordinal collections that are derivative of pre-existing ETH collections we strongly recommend getting approval from the collections creator/community prior to your launch.