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Upload to IPFS

Releasing the collection at Scatter you have two options to upload your art and metadata to IPFS. You can use our Content uploader (which supports our Instarveal service to only reveal NFTs as they are minted) or IPFS desktop clients.

Content Uploader Instructions

Here at Scatter, we want it to be as easy as possible to launch your NFT Collection, to that end, we have created an uploader.

Here's how to go from brain to chain:

1. Create the Collection on Scatter

Create a collection on Scatter and leave baseURI blank.

2. Gather Your Files

Just gather your art/metadata and zip it up in one file.

  • Images MUST be named "1.png", "2.png", "3.png", etc
  • We support many formats of images, such as png, jpg, glb, vrm, mp4 and mp3
  • Metadata MUST be named numerically "1", "2", "3", etc (or "1.json", "2.json", "3.json", etc)
  • If you need metadata you can generate some using our webtools or the uploader
  • Metadata only needs to have a name, description, and an (optional) project link. The uploader app will fill in the links for the images and such for you.

3. Start Upload Process

Go to and upload your ZIP.

  • Due to the potential large size of your image files, which could be several gigabytes, or a slow internet connection, uploads might take a considerable amount of time. To prevent any disruptions, ensure that your computer's screensaver and automatic sleep mode are disabled; otherwise, the upload could be interrupted and fail.
  • After upload you can return to the previous screen and add more files if needed

4. Validate Your Metadata

Verify everything looks good and the tests all complete on the left-hand side, then press continue.

5. Select Storage

Here you can select storage, the current only option is Instareveal using IPFS.

  • Instareveal: Ask us for a key in a support ticket. Copy/paste the contract address and the API Key in, then press continue
  • Instareveal has the benefit of "revealing" your nft's as they mint - preventing anyone from snooping on which items in your collection haven't minted yet

6. Set baseURI

After waiting for the last page you should receive a baseURI.

Go back to your collection page on Scatter -> edit collection (pencil icon) -> Contract methods -> setBaseURI -> paste in the baseURI -> All done!

  • If it's still "loading" your baseURI, please click "open menu", wait 10 minutes and refresh. You should now see baseURI at the top of your screen. If you still don’t, please repeat one more time and then contact us in a support ticket.
  • Every time you update a baseURI for your collection (fix some mistakes, for example), we auto refresh your collection for both Scatter and OpenSea, other marketplaces usually follow it. But sometimes it may be an issue with Blur when you still see old images or metadata. There are no programmatic way for us to refresh at Blur yet, so if you face this issue, please ask Blur support in its Discord.