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Super Affiliates

Join the most generous on-chain NFT platform affiliate program.

  • Partner with Scatter
  • Earn a 50% commission rate on our platform fee
  • On chain payouts, you withdraw when you want to from any collection contract you refer
  • Generate direct revenue from collections you partner with or mentor, encourage your community to make collections based on your own creations and use your SA link to deploy their collections

You can start earning as a Scatter Super Affiliate today!

Who is best for the SSA?

  • You create content about crypto or NFTs on social media or podcasts.
  • You have a community of artists you want to mentor and get into making their own NFT collections.
  • You run a crypto related business and want to earn more while referring collections to Scatter.
  • You are good at running ad campaigns on sites where prospective creators are looking for an easy solution to launch NFT collections.

How the Scatter Super Affiliate program works

  • Become an SA and get a super link, when creators use your link to directly create a collection you will become the SA for that collection on chain
  • Help promote that collection and encourage its success
  • Earn 50% commission on Scatter's platform fee that only you can withdraw directly from the collection contract

As a SA, how do I withdraw?

Currently you withdraw directly from the contract using the withdraw function. In the future there will be a SA dashboard where you will be able to see all of the collections you have SA for and be able to withdraw from all of them in a single transaction easily.

Does it cost anything to become a SA?

Becoming a SA is free. Currently the SA program is invite only. If you are a friend of ours you can ask for an invite! If you're not a friend yet then work to become one then ask for an invite!

Do I need to use Scatter to become a SA?

Yes, you need to understand Scatter and be a user. We want you to be able to answer questions and be able to guide those you refer to Scatter.

How much can I earn?

SAs get half of we do. We get 5% of mint proceeds. Which means as a SA you get 2.5% of mint proceeds. Look at the cost of a mint for a collection you are referring, take 2.5% of it, and that's how much you get per mint. Then multiple that by the supply to get a general upper limit of how much you could possibly make (though for free mints we all get zero).

How do I get paid?

Every time there is a mint if you are a SA you get 2.5% of that mint's price tracked to your SA address. You can withdraw your share at any time you want, you just need to be able to pay for the gas fee to withdraw. Running withdraw on a contract you are SA for will withdraw 100% of what you are currently owed to your wallet. You do not only get SA for ETH mints but also any ERC-20 mint. For withdrawing ERC-20 tokens you need to enter their token address into the withdrawToken function to withdraw your share of them. Again, in the future there will be a SA dashboard where doing this is easy.

Can I get credit as a SA for a collection that is already live even though I'm not a SA?

No, you need to be a SA before the collection is deployed to be considered, and the collection owner really needs to use your SA link to create their collection with. Become a SA now so that you have your link ready so that you can get assured SA credit.

Super Affiliates Explained

Scatter has a Super Affiliate (SA) program where if you are a member of this program you can refer collections to us and get 50% of the Scatter platform fee (which is 5%, meaning you get 2.5% of withdraw). The artist you refer gets nothing less while we share our share with you as thanks.

This Super Affiliate program is currently invite only. If you are a friend and wish to participate in this program let us know. If you are not a friend yet become one now!

Scatter reserves the right for how Scatter assigns Super Affiliates. If you wish to create a collection via a SA link we prefer you actually do so. If dispute arise it is entirely up to Scatter's discretion as to how SA is assigned or not assigned, though we will ask the collection owner what they actually intended and desire it us our final choice on what happens to resolve disputes. Know that if a SA is assigned the sales shared tracked to that address are owned by that address and cannot be withdrawn by anyone else.

This is how assigned SA works:

  • When you deploy your collection and you intend to do it through a SA friend to benefit the person who referred you, you must do it through their proper SA link.
  • When you deploy through a valid link, your friend's SA address will be assigned as the SA on chain. As paid mints come in, the SA will get credit for each sale for 2.5% of the mint or 50% of the 5% Scatter platform fee.
  • This tracking uses the same system as our general affiliate system. The sales are tracked and once they occur for a SA only that SA can withdraw that portion from the contract. Changing the SA does not remove this amount to a new SA address.
  • The Scatter multisig is permitted to change the SA address at any time. This is the only coded in interaction Scatter has with deployed collections. Scatter will generally not change an active SA address unless a serious dispute arises or some other situation happens where it's necessary to change a SA. Generally Scatter should not need to change the SA. It is only Scatter which can change a SA because it is Scatter who is sharing its platform fee with a given SA.

Super Affiliate Rules

  • If you are the SA of a collection you must disclose that you are an affiliate of it / benefit from it when you are directly promoting the project, your disclosure must appear before any links to the project, you can use text (they don't have to be hashtags) such as "(ad)" or "Scatter Affiliate" to disclose in a simple way that makes people understand but only #affiliate is not good enough.
  • You may not use your own SA code on your own collections. The role of a SA is someone finding artists, encouraging them to make a collection, walking them through the process to launch with us.
  • You must not advertise that you will send any amount of your share of your SA proceeds to people who create collections with your SA link.
  • You may not reach out to collections which are already publicly planning to launch on Scatter to use your Super Affiliate code. The SA system is meant for bringing in new collections into Scatter ecosystem. If you are planning some kind of deal for a collection already intending to launch on Scatter such as a marketing deal that price should come out of the collection owner's 95% and not the platform fee.

Failure to abide by these rules will force us to disable your SA link.