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By participating in any sale on Scatter, you acknowledge that you are buying a unique piece of art and not a financial instrument. We cannot and do not guarantee you financial returns through ownership or trade of your NFT.

How to Mint

  • Connect your wallet to
  • Browse to the collection you want to mint
  • Select the amount of NFTs you wish to mint
  • Confirm transaction in your wallet
  • Get NFTs!

Minting Problems

  • Many minting problems can be due to having a stale login. Try logging out from the site and connecting again from the front page.
  • If you get any kind of error you can reach out to us in our Discord or Telegram for quick help.

Beware of Links

All links to 3rd party sites should be suspect.

Any site sent to you in an airdrop / DM / message of any kind should be suspect.

Collection owners can link to their own sites on their Scatter page, this does not mean that their sites are safe or unsafe. If they are a trusted community member their site is probably safe. But you should still exercise caution and do not connect to 3rd party sites unless you know what you are doing.