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Where can I test things out before deploying for real?

Scatter has a testnet frontend that can be accessed here. You can get free sETH from any Sepolia faucet, you only need a small amount for testing.

We strongly recommend anyone deploying to Scatter to first deploy to testnet in order to ensure they have a grasp of the process, and confirm all steps have been completed correctly.

Do not use real data on testnet, use dummy data! This means to not use your real collection name, nor your real collection images/json. The testnet is still a public blockchain and people may be able to discover your collection earlier than you intended if you use real information.

What are lists?

Lists are what you'll use to set and price the various levels of your mint. Your public sale as well as any early mints, whitelists, and free claims, will all need to be set up via lists.

Minting will not begin on your collection until you create at least one valid list for it. To allow public minting, you must create a list with no addresses on it.

Scatter's list system offers a variety of flexible features. Test them all on our test net so that you understand them. Note that the unit size / multiplier should not be used / left blank in most situations.

Our YouTube tutorial could also help you see the bigger picture.

Types of lists

Public - This is the type of list that will need to be created in order for your open/public mint to occur. In order to set conditions for your public onsale, create a new list, leave the address section blank (yes, blank!) and fill in the price/timing for what will be the "main" public mint for your project.


Whitelist - In many instances a project may want to permission particular addresses to mint early, mint at a discounted price, or mint for free, these schemes are broadly referred to as "whitelists". Creating a whitelist on Scatter is very simple. After creating a new list under the "lists" tab, fill the addresses field with the addresses your wishing to add to your whitelist. Using the subsequent fields you can then set the particular time/price/availability parameters you want to apply to this particular list of addresses.


Self Mint - In some cases, for a variety of reasons, the artist or team behind a collection may want to be able to mint free NFTs themselves. This can be accomplished by creating a new list for your collection, adding only your address in the address field, and setting the mint price to zero. This is useful for projects that may have team allocation schemes or teams looking to have NFTs to provide liquidity on an NFT amm. A self-mint list is also needed to conduct an airdrop.

Deployer - In some cases, for a variety of reasons, the artist or team behind a collection may want to be able to mint free NFTs themselves. This can be accomplished by creating a new list for your colleection, adding only your address in the address field, and setting the mint price to zero. This is useful for projects that may have team allocation schemes or teams looking to have NFTs to provide liquidity on an NFT amm. A self-mint list is also needed to conduct an airdrop. selfmint

How do I airdrop NFTs to a list of addresses?

Scatter provides a tool for creators to airdrop their art to addresses of their choosing. This is done via the batchMintTo function in our contract in tandem with the list system which you'll be familiar with if you've ever created a collection on Scatter before.

The first thing you're going to need to do is create a mint list that will allow your address to mint from your collection for free.

Once you've created your free self minting list and have compiled the addresses you want to airdrop to, go to the "contract methods" tab and locate the batchmintto section. Add the address list you've compiled for the airdrop, click write, and your done!


I want to whitelist/airdrop all the holders of a particular NFT collection, what's the easiest way to compile the relevant addresses?

There are a variety of tools and methods available for retrieving addresses in bulk for purposes such as this. At Scatter we point teams to our wallet snapshot tool, a simple intuitive tool for retrieving holder lists. Simply get the contract address for the collection you are targeting, enter it on the homepage and you will be returned a list of all the wallets holding the collection in question, this list can then be pasted into the addresses field during list creation on Scatter.


Every collection that deploys on scatter has the opportunity to take advantage of the native referral system. A referral scheme for your collection can be set via the create collection UI when deploying. Here you will find the "affiliate fee" and "affiliate discount" fields. Affiliate fee is the % of each referred mint you want to give your affiliates. If you set it to 50% for example, and someone spent 0.1 minting your collection via a referral link, the relevant affiliate would receive 0.05 and you would receive 0.05 (minus platform fee). When set, affiliate programs a public by default, however if you would like only particular individuals to be able to enroll as affiliates, you need only reach out to us and we can permission your affiliate scheme.


Can Scatter help me market my collection?

Absolutely! Scatter is always happy to assist teams and artists on the platform in getting more eyes on their projects, all you need do is reach out to us. We are always happy help coordinate marketing efforts and teams seeking our involvement need only reach out and let us know how we can assist. That being said, as the site grows and more collections launch daily, it will become more difficult for us to tailor promo material on the fly even for projects we may personally love, as such, the more of an idea you have of how you want to market your project when you come to us the greater assistance we may be able to provide.

Scatter cannot be your only marketing plan. You must be doing your own marketing, your own community building, your own engagement with your audience.

Is there any cost for deploying a collection on Scatter?

Scatter does not charge anything up front for deploying on the platform. Any fees to deploy are charged by the blockchain and have been optimized by us so that they are as minimal as possible. As your collection is minting, 5% of each mint is automatically allocated to Scatter on your contract, this is Scatter's platform fee. Scatter is only paid once you are!

You can expect a deploy cost of around $10-20 to deploy your contract, and then you will need to do at least 1 $1-3 transaction to setup your public mint list.

Is it possible to prevent people from sniping rares in my collection?

Yes! We do offer creators use of our Instareveal tool that will allow you to have your collection reveal as it mints, without having to worry about rarities being gamed. If you are wishing to implement Instareveal for your collection you can select the option in our content uploader. Reach out in a ticket on our Discord if you have questions.

Are ERC-1155 mints possible on Scatter?

Of course! Scatter supports ERC-1155 mints as well as ERC-721.

ERC-1155 enable a variety of patterns such as open editions. Combined with list end times, you can create an open edition that is available for a limited time and then no longer able to be minted!

Whats the difference between ERC-1155 and ERC-721?

There's a number of differences between the two token standards, but in a nutshell ERC-1155 tends to be used for collections consisting of many copies of the same artwork like a membership pass or open edition. ERC-721 on the other hand represents the more recognizable collections type where each token is unique, like PFP or Banner collections.

Does Scatter support any Layer 2s or non-ETH chains?

We will in the near future. At this time Scatter is only compatible with ETH Mainnet and Sepolia.

If you represent an EVM compatible chain and wish to get Scatter on it then contact us.

My collection/artwork contains third party IP imagery and pop-culture references, should I be worried about copyright/DMCA?

Scatter believes in fair use as a first principle. That being said, anytime you are re-using content/imagery there is a chance of receiving a DMCA claim. It's important to understand that due to the way DMCA notices work if you receive a notice and still wish to maintain the content in question you will need to file a counter-claim which is tantamount to notice of your willingness to defend your work in court, which can of course be a costly procedure. We will not preemptively block collections that choose to remix content so long as it appears to be in fair use, but creators should be aware of the inherent risks that they open their project up to when using third party IP.

We don't allow direct rips of other collections or the work of others in a way that is clearly not fair use without the authorization of those whose work is being used.

We don't allow duplicate collections of the same exact assets either.

Does Scatter support payment via credit/debit card for mints?

Scatter is capable of offering legacy payment options for mints. Card payments are handled by third party vendors. If you'd like to offer payment for mints via debit/credit card, reach out to us on our socials or Discord and we can provide you the relevant info/documentations. Card processors generally require KYC for customers to follow legal constraints. If you are onboarding a less crypto native audience then CC payments may be the right choice.

I'd like to raise funds for a particular charity/cause using an NFT mint, am I able to do this on Scatter?

Scatter acknowledges and appreciates the potential both blockchain and NFTs represent for novel fundraising mechanisms. That being said, we believe it is important to ensure everything is done transparently and with a degree of oversight where each charity is involved. As such, fundraising projects for charitable causes require some approval and verification from the Scatter team. If you are looking to launch a mint tied to a charitable cause, you can find more info in our docs and reach out to us on Discord.

Can I launch a mint on Scatter to raise funds for a political party or campaign?

No. Due to legalities, as well as regulatory and moral concerns, Scatter does not currently allow the use of its platform to solicit political donations.

My project has multiple contributors who will be entitled to mint proceeds, is there a way for these to be automatically allocated?

Yes, for teams looking to distribute mint proceeds across multiple addresses, we recommend the use of moneypipes. You can find more information on moneypipes and how to deploy one in our docs, but in a nutshell they serve as an automatic distribution mechanism for your mint proceeds to be received across multiple addresses.

My project is a derivative/homage based another person's art. Is this okay? What is proper etiquette when launching a derivative?

Scatter encourages remixing and re-imagining. That said, there are of course right ways and wrong ways of launching a derivative collection. The best approach is going to differ community to community, but we encourage moneypipes to provide a % of proceeds to the creators of the inspiring collections, as well as sweeps and LP on said collections. Theres no hard set of rules, if you are unsure reach out to us at Scatter or if possible the creators of the original collection and feel out a way to launch your mint in a way that honors and respects its predecessor.

Not all artists welcome remixes of their work. Make sure you reach out to the creator and see what they think about your project. If they are not into it, why bother? Use your effort to celebrate someone else's work.

Can my collection contain NSFW content?

If you are going to launch an NSFW project, you will need to flag it as such. On the Scatter homepage, projects with an NSFW flag will only be visible to users who opt-in to see NSFW content. It is also important to keep in mind when including nsfw content in your collection that you run the risk of being deplatformed by third party market places like OpenSea and Blur. You can find more info on our NSFW policy in our docs.

I'm creating a generative collection with traits of varying rarities, once I have completed all the layers/artworks, how do I generate the final images for my collection?

Scatter recommends Art Engine for generating artwork from layers, there are a variety of tools out there for this however.

Scatter is working on first party easier solutions, but until this text is updated, the above tool is what we recommend.

I have my art and metadata ready to go, how do I go about uploading to deploy on Scatter?

Scatter offers an easy to navigate interface for uploading your collection. Using the uploader you can upload ZIP files for your art and metadata as well as select the storage solution you'd like to use for your collection. Once you've followed the uploader's process it will provide you a baseURI that can be entered on your "edit collection" page when you deploy. The uploader is maintained by our famous developer Hiturunk, if you have any issues navigating it join our discord open a ticket and tag @hiturunk, he will be happy to assist as quickly as he can.


I have more questions!

Never fear! Join our Discord and open a ticket, our teams is ready to help you make your collection the best it can be!