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Getting Started

What to expect

It is possible to create and publish a collection all on your own without contacting Scatter at all. However, to be featured and promoted you need to contact us and open a line of communication with you. Opening a line of communication is important if there are any issues with your collection. You can simply DM us on Twitter from your project account letting you know you are publishing a collection to get the ball rolling.

The general process of launching a collection on Scatter is:

  • Create your collection art and metadata
  • Deploy a contract for your collection with our create collection tool (if you want your NFTs to only reveal as they are minted do not upload to IPFS yourself, contact us for access to our Instareveal service)
  • Setup your collection's images, text, links, lists
  • Make your collection live

Please browse through all of the Creator documentation and read as much as you can! This helps speed up the process of launching your collection if you read through these articles first.

Our expectations

Scatter expects for you to not rush things last minute. Ideally you should have your collection good to go and verified proper a week before launch.

Scatter expects you to do your own marketing and community building. You should be growing a Twitter audience, engaging the various communities within our sphere, collaborate with other collections where appropriate. We can feature projects, and help boost your marketing, but we cannot be your entire marketing plan.

Scatter expects you to not be completely anon. That does not mean to dox yourself, but you should be some identity online that people know. Dropping a project cold with no real artist backing it will not go well for you. You should be proud of your work, and you should have a presence before you release your big art project to the world. This art world is all about connections. You must not neglect this.

Publishing Rules

What you may not publish on Scatter:

  • Content you do not have the legal right to use. This includes content that is not transformative in enough of a satisfactory way, content that is DMCA bait, or straight 1 to 1 rips of other collections.
  • Sexually explicit content involving real people. Check the NSFW Content page for more information on what is allowed.
  • Content that violates US law or the law of your local jurisdiction.
  • Content that is made to harm user devices or defraud users.
  • Content which exploits children in any way.