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How Minting Works

Before ANY minting can take place, you must create the appropriate lists. Some possible lists are

  • Deployer - A list with only the deployer address on it. You can use this to self-mint or airdrop NFTs without paying the public cost.
  • Whitelists - You might create various whitelists to give various collections 1X free mints, minting discounts, or early access.
  • Public - A list without any addresses is necessary to open minting up to anyone.

NFTs from your collections on Scatter are minted in order from 1, 2, 3 ... all of the way to your max supply limit. If you for some reason need your metadata to be shuffled you can use one of the shuffling scripts in the useful scripts.

Once your max supply limit is reached, it will not be possible for any list to be used to mint for NFTs. If you wish to increase the max supply, you should make sure you have metadata prepared for it, as well as making sure that your audience has the expectation that you will be increasing your max supply. When you're ready to increase your max supply you can do it on the contract methods tab or directly on your contract on Etherscan looking for setMaxSupply.