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Moneypipes are a useful tool you can use to easily split mint proceeds with your team. You can setup a moneypipe, test it to your team's satisfaction, then set the moneypipe address as your ownerAltPayout, then lock your ownAltPayout so that it cannot be changed. Then when you withdraws the splits will automatically happen based on the share %s you set.

You can view moneypipes here:

Make sure you ONLY go to the site for moneypipes. Scatter does not endorse any other site at this time. It's possible people may try to scam you with a fake moneypipe link so always be on your guard. If the domain does not match exactly ask someone with technical knowhow to verify that it is legitimate.

The buffer2 type moneypipe is what is typically used and recommended. It accepts ETH as well as any ERC-20. Any amount of ETH or ERC-20 is automatically split based on the rules you set when you deploy your moneypipe. The moneypipe rules cannot be changed after it is deployed. The moneypipe site provides a convenient interface for deploying and accessing your moneypipes. Anyone who is on a moneypipe is allowed to withdraw their shares at any time.

Part of the moneypipe site relies on a public HTTP IPFS gateway so if that gateway is having issues the site can be slow or appear to not work. Let it sit or try again later if this appears to happen.

Deploying A Moneypipe

  • Go here for deploying a moneypipe on Ethereum mainnet
  • Unlock your wallet / connect to the site. Then click "create a group"
  • You will be given a page where you can input a list of wallet as well as their shares
    • The share represents a piece of the total
    • Each share must be a whole number
    • If you want to divide things out of 100 more granularly you can give people a split out of the 100 (such as one 30, one 20, one 50)
    • If you leave the ",share" part off of your address list it will split things evenly
  • Click next and you will see a visual representation of your splits as well as the %s they resolve to, you can adjust the values here before you deploy
  • Enter a title for your list (such as simply "Collection Name Team Split") and then click "ok" you will wait a moment and then a transaction to deploy the contract will appear where you pay the gas to deploy
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, you will be able to see the new moneypipe created, if you return the you will be able to see your moneypipe there as well, though you should still save/pin the moneypipe address created for easy referencing
  • One the deployed moneypipe page, if you are accepting any ERC-20s you will need to add their addresses to the moneypipe page when you do a withdraw to withdraw those tokens as well
  • You can share the created moneypipe page with anyone in the group, they can connect their wallet, add any ERC-20 addresses needed if needed, and click withdraw
  • You can test sending a small amount of eth to the moneypipe and letting people test withdrawing it (though they may lose money on gas, this is simply to help them feel confident with the process)
  • You can set the moneypipe address (the 0x address) as the owner alt payout address on your Scatter deployer contract when you are deploying your contract
    • You can update which address is the owner alt payout address over time if needed
    • You can lock the owner alt payout address so it can never be changed again if needed, you can lock your owner alt payout before your minting begins to give your team absolute confidence they will get their decided on fair share