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Scatter v2 has a new way of handling payouts for creators. This new system is necessary for how the Splinter ecosystem works as Splinter owners are able to set their custom fee for collections listed on their Splinter.

For collections created, once there are mint funds accumulated in a collection contract, the collection owner will need to first withdraw from the collection contract, which sends the non-affiliate funds to the payouts contract.

Then the collection creator will be able to see their balance in their user profile, and will be able to withdraw their balance from the payouts contract.

With the new payout method, there is currently no "alt owner payout" like there was before; however, Scatter will soon support using WalletConnect which means you can create and manage collections directly with a Safe multisig meaning teams can use this to reliably have funds go into a team controlled Safe.

Affiliates still withdraw their earnings from the affiliate tab of a collection. Soon Scatter v2 will have more pages related to affiliates such as a history page of all transactions which created earnings for an affiliate as well as an easy method to withdraw all affiliate earnings from all collections. We will also be sending toast messages to people with affiliate balances in the future as there are many legacy collections which have un-withdrawn affiliate balances for many wallets.