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Safes are convenient tools to store your assets for yourself and your teams. Safes are multisig contracts which can do everything a normal wallet can do but with more steps required to ensure less risk of loss of assets. Safes can be used for your personal assets as well as the assets of your team.

If you wish to use a safe to make your personal assets more secure you can create multiple wallets on multiple devices (for example, iOS, Android, Linux) and use each device to sign your multisig safe. If a single device gets owned it's not stress your assets cannot be drained and you can replace the wallet that was being used on that device for signing.

For teams, the setup is similar, you can setup safes so that they require multiple of your team to access funds and execute transactions. Then you can store team assets in your team safe and decide as a team what to do with them over time.

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Scatter strongly suggests you use safes to store your assets. It is far too easy to fall for scams which drain everything you have. Storing assets in safes makes them much more difficult to fumble.