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Generate Unrevealed

If you want to have a setup where you do not reveal any minted NFTs initially, and then reveal the entire collection later on, this is possible to do on Scatter.

You first pick your preview image. Then upload this image to a centralized file hosting service (not recommended) or upload to IPFS using an available uploader service, or upload with your own IPFS client on a server ( ).

Get the CID of your image. You want to make sure that the direct link to your image is the direct path to the image and not a folder.

You can test this by loading in an HTTP IPFS gateway for example:

If this shows a folder, click the image and use that link instead.

Your final image link will be like:


or possibly


Now create your JSONs. You can use the following Python script to do this:

You will need to modify this script to fit your needs.

Once you have the JSON files generated within the output folder, and you verify all is good, you can upload the output folder to IPFS ( ).

You can test again with the HTTP IPFS with your CID of your folder. This time it should be a folder of JSON files without the .json at the end.

When you deploy your collection or update your baseURI from the contract methods tab your baseURI should look like:


This should be all you need to create an unrevealed version of your metadata which can then be swapped to the revealed version later on.

Note that if you swap to a fully revealed version later on and you still have supply left to mint people will be able to look up which files are in which order. If you would prefer this not be possible you can instead switch to an Instareveal setup where only minted NFTs are revealed. To use Instareveal you need to contact us.