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Scatter is an artist first platform where you can create NFT collections, mint, buy, and sell NFTs. We are by the people for the people. We are the art underground of NFTs. We embody the revolutionary spirit of Web3, of returning ownership to the people.

Because we have the freedom to say and make what we want we must.

Scatter's vision is to not be the one to decide which art is worth minting or not, our view is that this is the role of art collectors. You can fully launch your project on Scatter without contacting us at all. Ideally we still want you to open a communication line with us before we onboard you and your project onto Scatter. We want to support you directly and make sure everything is perfect for your launch so after you read these docs if anything is unclear or you simply want someone to double check your work our DMs are open.

Anyone can use our minting solution to deploy contracts for anything they want. When you deploy a contract with our minting solution, you control it on chain as the owner of the collection's contract.

Scatter contracts are compatible with all other NFT marketplaces meaning that collections launched on Scatter will be able to show up on all aggregator marketplaces which automatically list all collections.

More than a Launchpad

Scatter goes above and beyond what a typical product launchpad platform may offer. Scatter is a home for artists to express themselves and share their art with the world in a sustainable way. Scatter wants to help you achieve your artistic vision!

Our success is your success. We put our hearts into making Scatter better for you. We will relentlessly seek to develop and improve our most innovative and useful offerings that enable you to make the art that you love.

Scatter Cares

Scatter’s default contracts have both low deploy fees and low mint fees. We use ERC-721A in our ERC-721 contracts and Solady in all of our contracts.

When you deploy your collection, you are deploying through our contract factories. This saves you up front $$$ over deploying contracts directly. When gas is low it typically costs only ~$10-20 in gas to deploy a collection contract on Scatter.

When people mint your NFTs, they won’t be paying ridiculous gas fees, and if they mint multiple ERC-721 NFTs at once in bulk it will cost them almost the same in gas fees as minting a single NFT.

These lower fees enable all artists to get started with NFTs.

A big difference between Scatter and others is that for every project we want the best possible outcome. Most optimized transactions for your collectors. Features that most closely realizes your artistic vision.

Scatter's Credo: Be Good. Be Awesome.