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How We Got Here launched two years ago as an artist-first NFT marketplace.

While our initial focus was on creating a platform that guaranteed the availability of secondary market sales for collections, in 2022 we pivoted primarily to an NFT launchpad, specializing in giving all artists a white glove launch where we helped them every step of the way. represents the next step in our evolution. After helping to launch more than 1,000 collections, with many consistently top trending collections having launched on Scatter, onboarding 50,000+ Web3 wallets, serving millions of curious Web2 users, and processing over 4,000 ETH in sales, we have decided to condense all we’ve learned in this relentless high energy period into a new whitelabel solution we know you'll love.

Over the past two years, it has become clear that Scatter's network of communities and creators has grown powerful, influential, culturally dominant, and is now ready to expand beyond a single shared space.

Our policy has always been to platform everyone, provided they’re acting within our ToS, and Scatter prime will always be this sea of chaos.

However, we know that there is an important path forward for us to provide a way for people to create their own spaces of which they have complete control over.

Rather than have Scatter act as the arbiter of taste, we will now pass this on to you, our users, to run and manage your very own nexus of creativity.

Want to run Scatter your way? Now's your chance with Splinter!

What Is Splinter

Splinter is an opinionated, multi-tenant PaaS framework for building whitelabel web3 platforms and dApps. is the latest evolution of made to help you effortlessly launch your own marketplaces, create your own platforms, build your ecosystems, curate your walled gardens, and set up your own beautiful galleries.

Splinter Promo

Step 1 was, a one-stop shop empowering creators to ship everything needed for a successful NFT launch: secure smart-contracts, bug-free mint UI, tamper-proof IPFS hosting, ERC-20 minting, affiliate marketing, and more.

Step 2 is, a springboard to deploy your very own Scatter. Manage your art ecosystem, cultivate a community, curate collections, and earn sales commissions on your own bespoke marketplace. All without touching a single line of code or needing to worry about uptime.

Step 3 will be █████ ████████ ██ ███ █████████ █ ████████ ██████ ███████ ███ ████████ ██████ ██ █████ ███ ████████ █████████ ████████ ███ █████ ████ ███████ and bring true freedom and agency to the New Internet.

Splinter’s comprehensive suite of tools allows you to deploy your own highly scalable, flexible, multi-region, multi-blockchain application instances. Featuring:

  • Hot-swappable themes. Customizable designs at either the code-level or GUI-level. If you are a professional designer you can get your hands dirty in CSS. If you know color theory you can use the GUI color pickers. Your Splinter will look and feel how you want it to. No time/mind for pixel pushing? Themes are heuristically tuned. Splinter’s theme engine will generate a beautiful theme for you.
  • Composable feature sets. All major features on your Splinter can be toggled. If you want a specific content section enabled you can have it enabled. If you simply want to have a more gallery like Splinter that is your choice.
  • Complete administration tools. You have total control over your Splinter. Every part of it. You can add your own team members and assign them granular permissions. You can enable moderated onboarding that requires your permission before creators can deploy on your Splinter. All admin actions are monitored and logged.
  • Fully managed service. You supply your domain name, pick your theme, choose the features you want enabled, and we worry about authentication, databases, infrastructure, security patches, indexing, analytics, sales bots, and more.
  • SEO optimized structures. SEO best practices are baked in. We want you to own your Splinter’s name on search engines. When people look specifically for you, they will find you. You don’t have to worry about other Splinters importing your collection and showing up first in search. Collections deployed on your Splinter are assigned as canonical links to that collection, which means even if other Splinters import your Splinter’s collections, your Splinter will still be the canonical one for search engine results (even above Scatter prime).

If Scatter represents the dev of your NFT project, Splinter represents the CTO and engineering team for the new platform that will power your ecosystem.


Real quick, say hello to Bunbot, the mascot of Splinter, and a friend to Scatter’s Catbox. Bunbot’s themes represent recursion, personification of Splinter, and fun / joy / creativity in general. Inspired by the matryoshka (nesting dolls).

Bunbot Concepts

There will be as many unique Bunbots as there are Splinters. No one will see your Bunbot on your Splinter (unless you want it to be shown). Your Splinter has your own branding, your theme, your culture, your whitelabel. Your Bunbot is for you as our partner.

Your Splinter


If you’re not yet familiar with how we work, we do not get paid until you do. This includes work related to Splinters. There is no subscription fee to own a Splinter. You don’t pay for bandwidth. We charge a 5% platform fee to collections for mint proceeds, and this is collected trustlessly on the contract level. In partnership with you as a Splinter owner, you are entitled to 50% of our platform fee for all collections that launch on your Splinter. In addition, you are able to add an extra fee on a sliding scale for any collections that launch on your Splinter. This is explained more below.


Our Splinter Themes system makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your Splinter. You should have full control of the aesthetics of your Splinter, and so you will. Anything you can imagine design wise is possible. If you just want to remix standard templates you can do that too, or even just pick a primary color and let our theme system do the rest.

A Splinter theme is a lightweight set of CSS files and customizable components. You can write a theme from scratch, fork one of our many base themes, or download one made by designers outside of Scatter from our Theme Marketplace. Even if you’re not a pro, tuning themes is still easy, and we’re always here to help too.

Check out now and hover over the Bunbots to see some of the easy to create themed color possibilities.


Your Splinter will be able to live on your domain. It can be on the apex as in yourdomain.tld or a subdomain like subdomain.yourdomain.tld for example. You can name your Splinter publicly whatever you want, don’t feel like you’re stuck inside of a box.

Think of your Splinter as your primary Internet platform that you will be fostering for many years to come. We want you to think big and join the greater vision with us. With that in mind, pick a name for your Splinter that is suitable for your brand/community that can grow beyond into the future of the New Internet.


You will be able to use any standard Scatter Archetype contracts that you wish to use.

These include:

  • General ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts.
  • Open Editions made easy.
  • Auto Auctions as seen with FRUiTS x REMiLiA, Pixelady Figmata, and AURAGAMMA.
  • Dutch auctions where prices start high and go low as seen with the Shmorky NFTs.
  • $RAD style ERC-20 token emissions.
  • Mondo Megabits style card game RNG contracts using Chainlink VRF for fair randomness.
  • Evolving NFTs with on-chain interactions and progressing metadata. 🆕
  • Fully on-chain pixel art NFTs. 🆕

Our standard Archetype contracts include many useful features including:

  • Easy creation of white lists with flexible parameters. You can make public and private lists, set list limits, set wallet limits, and disable lists at any time. People only see the lists they are eligible for.
  • Efficient airdropping of tokens to a list of addresses. Airdrops can specify the quantity for each address, and happen in order of address.
  • Linear bonding curves for minting prices that automatically adjust as mints come in. 🆕
  • Ability to blacklist any addresses you want from minting your collection. 🆕
  • On-chain royalty enforcement. 🆕
  • Integration with NFTfi solutions. 🆕

Beyond those, the greater community will be able to contribute contracts which benefit everyone involved via our Contract Marketplace.

Backend Services

A variety of backend services power each Splinter. This includes:

  • Authentication and authorization.
  • NFT rarity processing.
  • NFT indexing.
  • Sales analytics / volume aggregation.
  • Metadata processing and decentralized storage uploading / hosting.
  • 3rd-party extensions: for example, composability with NFTfi liquidity pools.

And more. These processes will mostly be invisible to you as a Splinter owner. We manage it all, keep it updated and running well.

Aligning Incentives

Standard Fees

Scatter doesn’t get paid until creators do. This is called our platform fee, and has been 5% since Scatter has began. This fee won’t change for launches on Scatter. Everything we do for projects launching with us is included in this 5% fee. It has always been important for us to put artists first while still being enabled to sustainably build up Scatter for all.

For collections that launch on a Splinter that are deployed on a Splinter, that Splinter owner will be able to get 50% of the Scatter platform fee. This means that Scatter will get 2.5%, and you as a Splinter owner will get 2.5% of the standard platform fee in a trustless way. As fees come in that are assigned to you, they are yours forever.

In addition to the platform fee, Splinter owners can charge an additional launch fee for anyone who wishes to be able to deploy on their Splinter. A Splinter owner’s platform is valuable, and they have the right to charge an extra fee for collections. This additional fee could be anywhere between 5 to 30% or even more. Sometimes giving the lion’s share to a Splinter owner is the smartest thing you can do. If a Splinter owner can leverage their audience well, they can give you the best chance at success well above doing it on your own.

Contract Marketplace

Contract engineers are a very important part of our industry. They write the code which makes everything work. Their obsession with reducing gas fees and asserting security enables everything we do. We want to be able to create new incentives for existing devs and those who may wish to get involved in this industry to create and innovate new ideas, and get paid for it.

Scatter’s upcoming Contract Marketplace is a key pillar in the design of Splinter. Do you need something special? Scatter’s Contract Marketplace is where you will go to find the right contract that meets your creative needs. All Splinters will be able to use any contract on the Scatter Contract Marketplace. Any collection that uses a given contract will be able to assign a fee to that contract creator. Additionally, the contract creator can choose to assign a required fee of between 1 and 10% for use of their contract.

Submitting a contract to our Contract Marketplace requires making a refundable deposit to our system. Once submitted, anyone in the public will be able to audit your contract, and if anyone finds a significant enough issue with your contract they will be eligible to get the full deposit. A significant issue means the contract does not function as expected, has security issues, has bugs that would pose a risk to collections that would use it. If no valid issues are raised within an allotted time, we will have our own experts audit the contract, and if that too passes then we will deploy a contract factory at a gas efficient time and refund you the full deposit minus factory deploy gas fees.

To submit a contract, you need to be the original author of it, you need to be submitting a contract with some meaningful and useful features that the public would like to use. Be creative! Your contract could be used by millions of collections in the future.

If you’ve coded contracts before, you know that there are serious technical constraints. Once we go live with our Contract Marketplace all of these details will be explained.

Devs will have more questions about all of this. A full announment about our Contract Marketplace will come in the future.

Tool Marketplace

Imagine a site where you could upload your layers and generate images in a collaborative way with your team? Imagine a site that had hundreds of different generators to enable much more variety of NFT beyond the PFP? Soon this site will be available to all.

For tool makers, there will be an incentive too. Like with the contract marketplace, any collection that uses a generator from our Tool Marketplace will be able to assign a fee to that tool maker. Tool makers can also require a fee of between 1 and 10%. If you make an exceptional tool that opens up incredible creative potential, you should be paid for it.

Expect a full announcement for our Tool Marketplace in the future.

Theme Marketplace

As the number of Splinters grows, the demand for artistic and professional themes will grow. Designers can create and submit custom themes for any use case. Designers are able to give away themes for free, or charge for them in crypto. With everything we do, you get 95%, and Scatter takes 5%. Payments flow with ETH or any ERC-20 you want to accept - meme or stable coins.

Scatter’s in house themes will always be free to use, and our theme engine will always make it easy to remix free themes for general needs.

Enforced Royalties

Scatter’s new NFT marketplace will enforce a standard 5% royalty on sales. The royalty % isn’t a choice, it is what we believe is fair and should be seen as a standard. If you do sales on the new marketplace, you are paying this royalty. The new NFT marketplace is all new, sleek, and powerful. Everything you want and expect from a solid marketplace. Splinter owners will be able to enable this marketplace on their Splinter, or not have it enabled if they wish. If enabled, it will integrate seamlessly, and you as a Splinter owner will also share 50% of the marketplace fee for sales that happen on your Splinter.

Along with enforcing royalties on our new marketplace, we are including new contract types that allow white listing specific marketplaces for trading. This means that if you want to completely enforce royalties you can at the cost of preventing all sales on marketplaces that do not align with your needs.

We call it our marketplace, but in practice it is your marketplace as the owner of your Splinter. Only collections you want on your Splinter can be bought and sold on your Splinter’s marketplace.

Royalties are a touchy subject. Our stance on the issue is to enforce them on our marketplace, and give creators the option to do absolute enforcement or not. Then traders can choose to buy collections that may or may not whitelist enforcing marketplaces, and choose where to trade. Remember, Scatter is watching.


Our partner Happy UFO is the alpha test for our future eCommerce initiatives. Our main goal is to make selling physical goods easy, low stress, crypto natively, and in a way that maximally benefits you. The upcoming Scatter eCommerce features will be cross-Splinter. Like with collections, you’ll be able to import physical products that you think your audience would like, and then when sales happen through your Splinter of those physical goods, you’ll get a cut of the proceeds. Likewise, your products will be able to be imported to other Splinters to help market your product to varied audiences. Physical goods are part of our goal to help you create sustainable / evergreen income. Look for news on this front, especially if you’re cooking up some merch.


Playing games with your friends is important to humanity, and important again to the New Internet. If you’re old enough, think back to those timeless memories of playing games with your friends on Yahoo. The Old Internet will be made new again. Each and every Splinter will be able to become a first class hub for webgaming, each catering to its own unique tribe. And like other features, Splinter owners will get a take on any gaming transactions that happen on their Splinter. Expect an announcement for our industry leading games initiative very soon.

A Connected Network

Your Splinter is your walled garden. You choose which features are enabled on it, which collections are listed on it, the look and feel of it all. Yet if you’re still part of the Scatter network, you’re still part of a bigger family.

Want to turn your Splinter into a Wild West? You can enable a variety of release styles. You can require your Splinter to be invite only, you can have people go through an onboarding review process to get their collection listed, or you can let anyone create a collection that is automatically listed. And it’s your choice what is delisted if for some reason you want to hide a collection from your Splinter.

Any collection that is launched on your Splinter will be able to show up on Scatter too, and will point back to your Splinter as the origination of that collection. Not only that, but you will be able to import any collection launched on the Scatter network onto your Splinter. This will enable Splinter owners to curate any collections within the network to highlight the ones they deem worthy of being listed.

You can also import any non-Scatter contracts onto your Splinter that were launched before Splinter was announced (January 2nd 2024). However, minting functionality will not work for external contracts and no contract functions will be possible to be used. Additionally, those imported collections will only work on your Splinter and will not automatically show up on Scatter / be an option to import on other Splinters — unless they too manually import the collection’s contract address. We obviously want people to launch collections with us, which is why this non-Scatter contract import option is only possible for older contracts where you want to bring in your older collections to your Splinter so that people can see everything you have done. Keep this in mind for collections going forward until you have your Splinter… deploy them on Scatter!

Be aware that for collections that were not created on your Splinter, you will not get the 50% platform fee split of mint from that collection that happen on your Splinter. Instead, the origination Splinter owner will get the 50% platform fee of mints of that collection anywhere those mints happen. An exception to this are collections that launched on Scatter. You will be able to get the 50% platform fee split for mints that happen on your Splinter for the collections that were launched on Scatter.

Mints that happen on mint aggregator sites will also credit the original Splinter owner for mints of collections that were originally launched on their Splinter.

Scatter Accounts

Soon your Scatter account will be upgraded. You’ll be able to customize a more personal user page, consolidate multiple wallets to a single user account, and later on do some unexpectedly useful things. Exciting news is coming on this front.

Scatter Connect

What do you do if you have created a mobile game where you want to be able to verify token ownership easily? That’s where Scatter Connect helps you. Use our Connect API to get a unique code to enter on a special page on a user’s Scatter Connect account settings, and easily verify any wallets and token holdings verified to that account. Scatter Connect is a general purpose authentication service that requires zero Web3 interactions (besides connecting to Scatter prime) so if all you need to do is verify token ownership, we highly recommend that you choose Scatter Connect for your game or service.

Scatter V2

The core of a Splinter is the Scatter V2 code. Scatter V2 is a complete rewrite of Scatter.

There are many new features and quality of life considerations in Scatter V2. For example, have you been wanting to use more wallets other than Metamask? Us too. With Scatter V2, you can use any wallet you want to use.

There will be a full blog post explaining the new and useful features of Scatter V2. The initial Splinters will launch with a selection of Scatter V2 features with a full rollout over time. Then Scatter itself will use Scatter V2. Scatter will be a Splinter too!

Our new marketplace is also part of V2 too, and it will rollout later on. Super smooth buying and selling. Bids for specific traits. Web2 notifications. Historical charts. The works.

Don't worry about being isolated. Because all collections that launch on any Splinter will also be listed on Scatter, any collections launched on any Splinter will benefit from the automated trending features of Scatter. And remember, if a collection is launched from your Splinter, that collection will also link back to your Splinter on Scatter (along with any other Splinter which imports the collection), bringing more people to your ecosystem.

Cutting Edge

Remember, Splinter is your ticket to the New Internet. We will stay at the forefront of the cutting edge, leading the charge toward important innovations, and making sure that everyone is taken care of and no one is left behind. From contract engineers to community leaders, everyone has their place.

Custom Features

Does your Splinter need any new or custom features? We’re already working with partners to implement their specific needs. Let us know what you need and we will see how we can accommodate you. If your feature is a competitive advantage, we may even be able to give you a timed exclusive on the use of those features, meaning all other Splinters would need to wait to use them.

Everything Included

All Scatter V2 features will be functional for everyone on every Splinter. This includes features like our on-chain affiliate program. People will be able to create affiliate links that link directly to your Splinter and function with any collection’s affiliate program.


You can send most support issues to us and our support team will be able to handle them. We manage all services and make sure they are running perfectly at all times. We have people on call at all times for both support and systems uptime.

Our services have been built by real engineers who care about optimization and speed.

Life is easier and your future is brighter with Splinter.

Who Splinter is For

We view Splinter as being for both the individual as well as the collective. If you are a prolific artist then you can use your Splinter as your gallery. If you are a cult-leader you can use your Splinter as your commune. Splinter is a one-size-fits-all platform.

Full Commitment

Scatter and Splinter will be here for the long haul. Splinter has been conceived and built by a dedicated group of passionate people who have the extremely highly motivated burning desire to make Splinter a major pillar of the New Internet. Our shared vision will be maintained and realized, and those who come with us into the future will benefit from all that we do together.


Scatter has a dozen major partners lined up to get their Splinters first in Q1 of 2024. You will see these exclusive partners gradually announce their launches as they are ready to. If you’re not in line yet, do not worry, say hi and we can get you on the list.

Not all features will be available immediately. For example, the new royalty enforcing marketplace will come later. We will be posting a full roadmap of future developments and releases in Q1.

Scatter itself will stay on V1 for some time in Q1 but will move to V2 at the right time.

Do you want to get a Splinter for yourself as an artist, or for your community, your ecosystem? If you already have a communication line open, say hi in our chat and we’ll get you signed up to be one of the first. If we’ve never spoken before yet, you can reach out on our Twitter DMs or open a ticket on our Discord server. If those options don’t work for you, you can reach out to us at about Splinter via e-mail [email protected] but expect the quickest response on Twitter/Discord.

For now, creating Splinters will be a process we are highly involved with. We want to make sure everything is perfect for each partner who launches a Splinter, working with them to meet their needs as far as new features and polish go. Eventually creating a Splinter will be open to everyone, as easy as creating individual collections is on Scatter right now.

The Vision

The vision has been here all along.

It's in our DNA. We are true believers.

It's what we have consistently reinvested towards.

It's ours. What we foundationally believe in.

It's yours. How we will finally help you realize your vision.

We have always viewed our work as a collaboration.

We have always worked to put you as an artist first.

For now, the context of your Splinter is of crypto, Web3, NFTs, merch, games.

There is much more to come.

You and your followers will benefit from it all.

The greater vision is of the New Internet, the merging of all that came before and all that is to come.

Where others have failed, we will win forever, together.

Your Splinter will grow and evolve with all of us.

Your Splinter will define your next decades to come.

Social. Tribal. Sovereignty. Dynasty.

We do not view those who may appear to be our competitors within the Web3 space as our competitors, such as launchpads or marketplaces.

The vision is far greater than that, safe passage to the New Internet. The Net.

Old Internet

Nothing can stop this.