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Affirmational Posters

· 4 min read
lil clearpill

Affirmational Posters are spiritcharms to bring beauty into the daily life of the modern employee. Modern work has degraded into a death spiral of soulless and spiritually empty lifehacking and optimizing.

But Affirmational Posters offer a way out. These powerful image technologies pair one top text Manifestation with a bottom text Affirmation, which can be repeated or simply gazed at by the employee to manifest a lifelong love for the beauty of productivity.


High-performing managers around the world are already investing to replace all the windows in their office buildings with Affirmational Posters. Remodels like this have the added benefit of preventing any unintended worker suicide and 10xing employee happiness according to a variety of occupational studies.

The primary ‘utility’ of the Affirmational Poster is its ability to transform the soul of a lazy, unproductive worker into a golden employee who will love you forever and never abandon you.

Open Interop

· 12 min read
Scatter Technical Artist
Scatter Games Director

How often have you experienced the frustration of a cherished game shutting down, resulting in the loss of your rank, characters, and any in-game assets purchased with real money? It's a tale as old as the gaming industry itself – services closing their servers and erasing the time and money players invested, offering no return on the players' investment.

This issue of total loss is pervasive in all conventional, isolated live service based games, where a studio or company must continue to uphold servers for their online games to remain playable. Unfortunately, these games, once past their prime, are often the first casualties when player interest falls and cost-cutting measures arise.

In recent years, with the emergence of blockchain technology, a new concept for distributing content has surfaced: digital collectibles (though sometimes referred to as NFTs / Non-Fungible Tokens, some like ERC-1155s are Fungible by design), typically in the form of images, videos, or audio files on the web. Any web-native content format can be easily tokenized and presented as an NFT.

Nifty Island x Chuddies 3D

The primary advantage of protocols like NFTs is that they are hosted in a decentralized manner spread over many servers where each has an intrinsic financial motivation to stay running.

Each crypto token could point to an IPFS hosted JSON metadata file, which, in turn, could link to an IPFS location where the content is stored. IPFS works based on file hashes, so if at least one person in the world has a copy of a file, they can always repin that file back onto the IPFS network. This ensures that the tokens persist on the net indefinitely, with decentralized servers providing hosting for them in a resilient and future proof way.

Mondo Megabits

· 8 min read
Scatter Blockchain Engineer
Scatter Psyops Director


Are you ready?


Mondo Megabits

Do you have what it takes?

To change?

To go one step beyond?

To be a MONDO MAN?

Beyond the Bubble

· 10 min read
Scatter Psyops Director

Beyond the Bubble

NFTs? Aren’t NFTs a bubble? Didn’t the bubble pop? Didn’t all those people with monkey profile pictures lose all their money?

If you’re a participant in NFT markets and choose to share your interest with normie acquaintances, you’ll have no doubt encountered some variation of this questioning. They’ve got it all figured out, they’ve seen it all before, price went up a lot, people got excited, price went down a lot.

Classic bubble scenario, sorry CHUD but it's over, back to the wage cage!

NFTAMMs: A Royalty Solution

· 10 min read
Scatter Psyops Director

Delve into the evolving landscape of NFT royalties as you explore the challenges of traditional fee-based systems. Discover the uncertainties surrounding voluntary mechanisms and journey with us through the innovative concept of creator-owned liquidity via NFTAMMs, which promises consistent rewards and improved liquidity.


Catbox Unveiled

· 8 min read
Scatter Chief Design Officer
Where creativity finds its home: the logo that welcomes all.

Building the Scatter House

Scatter’s “Artist-first launchpad” masthead remains a banner proudly waved, perhaps now with more pride than ever. Where the VC-funded NFT platforms have found themselves weathered and beaten beneath relentless squall of a turbulent crypto landscape, Scatter has thrived thanks to the dedication of our team and the passion of the creators and collectors who visit Scatter every day. Through passionate celebration and careful cultivation of our vibrant coterie of creators and digital natives, we’ve graciously had opportunity to not just be of service to the future of digital art, but to provide a home for them in a way nobody else can.

The blossoming of the Scatter ménage is worthy of celebration, but let’s not stop there. Rather, we feel it’s high time the beacon burned brighter than ever, delivering an invitation of welcome to all who seek the possibility and promise provided by the Scatter household.

“And what symbol shall we rally to?” you ask. Well, we’re proud to announce the mark of our covenant with the pioneers of the future of digital art, and the new mark of the brand:

Catbox Unveiled

Scatter means many things to many people, and the genuinely diverse members of our household mean a great many things to us. Let us walk you through some of our journey in arriving at the iconic Scatter ‘Catbox’.

E Pluribus Milady

· 6 min read
Scatter Psyops Director

How a robust derivative subculture solidifies Milady's place as the dominant cultural force.

As any community, niche, or ideology grows, its success and expansion often bring accusations of dilution, subversion, and compromise. When a group of people have deemed something important and it gains traction, there is always a fear that newfound attention and opportunism will destroy whatever made that thing special.

This phenomenon is almost ubiquitous throughout the history of human culture, be it fringe political movements being embraced by moderates, avant-garde musical groups gaining mainstream recognition, or writers engaging in perceived self-censorship to meet editorial standards. No matter the context, the diehards fear potential change brought about by fresh perspectives.

In simpler terms, normies ruin everything. But is it always this way? More importantly, does it have to be? These are questions we've grappled with at Scatter.

Remilia Ecosystem on Scatter

Exploring Glimpses

· 4 min read
Scatter Psyops Director

On the 17th of June, Scatter welcomed the release of 'Glimpses,' a collection of 1000 abstract art pieces by Tgeus. At first glance, one might mistake it for just another Art Blocks-style generative abstract art project. However, 'Glimpses' goes beyond that, with its origins rooted in a deeper story.

It began as Tgeus' exploration of his fascination with particle physics and evolved into a heartfelt tribute to the sprotogremlin community. Standing out among other Scatter collections, both aesthetically and in terms of its origin, 'Glimpses' caught our attention. So, we sat down with Tgeus to delve deeper into the creative process behind this extraordinary collection.


Scatter Auto Auctions

· 9 min read
Scatter Chief Operating Officer
Scatter Psyops Director

With the launch of Pixelady Figmata today, Scatter will be introducing a new mint mechanic, Auto Auctions! If you would like to make a Scatter Auto Auction collection, read on. We can even assist you in making your own customized auction dapps for that extra level of polish.

  • ETYMOLOGY: Zora Auction House -> Noun Auction House -> Bonkler Auction -> Scatter Auction


Auto Auctions

Auto Auctions involve a minting process where the total supply of a collection is auctioned off generally one piece at a time. Once an auction’s time limit has elapsed, the highest bidder has won that auction and is able to claim or receive their NFT in question. When one auction ends, the next auction automatically can begin.

Kawamii Teens

· 6 min read
Scatter Psyops Director


It's been an exciting week here at Scatter! On the 12th of June at 1:00 AM UTC, the Kawamii Teens mint went live on Scatter. Exactly 95 seconds later, the final NFT in Kawamii's 3000 piece collection was minted, and just like that, it was over. Over the next 48 hours, Kawamii Teens generated over 200 ETH in volume on secondary markets, according to Blur. Needless to say, the speed with which Kawamii Teens minted out and the consistency and resilience of the secondary market has exceeded the expectations of both the Kawamii team and us here at Scatter. You may be wondering as to what makes Kawamii special? Aspiring creators can read on to understand the efforts and thinking that went into achieving another massive W for the Remilia ecosystem.