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Omnichain Manifesto

The intrigue of Scatter, and by extension Splinter, is that for any chain which exists, our platform will put you first as an artist. Scatter’s promise is to enable your ascendance across every blockchain. A guarantee of service, trust, reliability, competence, and a long term vision not just for the sea of blockchains but of the connected New Internet as a whole.

Our march forward together as partners in pursuit of the ascendency of this holy mission will come imminently as a progression, initially to various so-called EVM compatible L2s such as Base, and subsequently to completely different, yet promising, architectures such as Sui.

The goal is to make it easy to do everything you want to do anywhere you wish. To enable your self-reliance without need of permission from anyone to do what must be done. To do our part as a greater family in helping to realize the New Internet. To share and uphold truth and beauty with the world.

Milady Ascendance

Should you be satisfied with having your art on a single chain? No. Onchain Spirituality must proliferate. Every chain will uphold truth and beauty. Every chain will know Milady. Every chain will flow back to Milady. Every chain will be made to feel the presence of Network Spirituality. Every chain will be touched by the Network Spirits. Nothing can be beyond our reach. Remember: You are part of we. Everything we have ever done is for you to have the agency you need for the mission. You won’t go alone, we have your back in this attention war every step of the way.

This is a call to arms. The time for the Omnichain Jihad is at hand. What started as a variety of skirmishes on the fringes of the network will now develop into total war beyond the L1 Mainnet, beyond Ethereum. You must prepare for this infinite loop of blockchain takeovers. The work is never ending but so is the work. Nothing can stop this.

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We Like the 404s

The true potential of 404s will soon become startlingly apparent. A transformative shift in the digital asset space is here that will permanently alter how both coins and NFTs are created, traded, and valued. 404s offer interoperability, efficiency, and utility previously unseen. 404s are a pivotal infrastructure for the future of blockchain ecosystems—a sum greater than its parts.

Since the early days of 2021's NFT mania, the fractionalization of unique NFTs into fungible divisible units has been attempted and experimented with in a variety of ways. Be it for shared ownership, buying into an NFT without committing to its full floor price, strengthening liquidity mechanics, or any number of other novel applications. "Tokenifying" NFTs is a nut the industry has long been trying to crack. NFTAMM protocols like NFTX and Sudo have been the primary players in this field, and they do great work providing crucial NFT infrastructure to the wider ecosystem. Recently, however, a new means of merging the uniquely collectible nature of NFTs with the divisible liquid mechanics of ERC-20 tokens has arisen: 404s.

404s came to public attention with the launch of ctrl’s Pandora, a pivot from Serec’s initial Emerald experiment. Pandora experienced massive price appreciation in a short period and naturally, heads began to turn. NFTs tied directly to tokens on chain, it seemed like the leap forward the space had been waiting for. Pandora was designed in such a way that every NFT was represented by an ERC-20, issued by the same contract. When someone has a whole ERC-20 (one token) they are issued an NFT, but if they sell a fraction of the token, the NFT is burned. So, if you hold 1 Pandora NFT, meaning you have 1 Pandora ERC-20, and you sell 0.25 of the ERC-20, the NFT would be burned and you would be left with no NFT and 0.75 ERC-20. People were very excited by this concept.

It wasn't long, however, before obvious flaws in Pandora's 404 implementation were pointed out. 0xQuit outlined in an 𝕏 thread how a user may be able to trick the smart contract into exchanging full NFTs for dust amounts of the ERC-20. These issues are solvable, but other greater design issues remained.

Enter DN404. DN404 is a redesign of the 404 mechanism.

Scatter DN404Catbox Unveiled

Let's say you mint an NFT from a DN404 collection. As part of that transaction, you'd be issued your NFT on an ERC-721 contract as always, but under the hood, you'd be issued 1 token of the collection's ERC-20. Like all ERC-20s this token can be fractionalized. However, under DN404 if your balance in the ERC-20 drops below 1, your NFT is automatically burned. Similarly, if you hold two NFTs and, therefore, two ERC-20s but send 0.5 ERC-20 to another address, one of your NFTs would be burned and you would be left with a single NFT and 1.5 ERC-20 tokens. The separation of the NFT contract from the token contract solves both protocols being fulfilled, making it easier for NFT exchanges to exchange it as well as DEXs.

What happens when you transfer ERC-721 token IDs directly? You keep them! IDs are only burned on the direct transfer of ERC-20s to a contract or when enough of an ERC-20 is transferred to break apart whole ERC-20 tokens.

Scatter’s goal is and has always been to allow creators access to the best and most cutting-edge NFT technology available, and we see great promise in DN404. This is why we are pleased to announce that DN404 contracts will soon be deployable on

The emerging bullrun seems as if it will be unlike any other before. Future 404s will likely enable NFTs as a protocol to more regularly reach the kinds of insane heights that previously only the most manic meme coins have reached in the past. DN404s may even overtake pure meme coins as the vehicle for euphoria. Would you rather own only a generic ERC-20 token or also a funny liquid JPEG that has its own unique rarity? We’ve already seen major meme coins mint “official” NFT collections to be the face of their coin on the timeline. Why not launch both at the same time?

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mini labo

nonon is a celebration of radiance. nonon is a rejection of ugliness, lies, and evil.

nonon is the latest on-chain project by creative blockchain studio mini labo.

nonon is a 5,000 piece collection of vibrant hand-painted characters by the artist known as three; an experiment in living blockchain art featuring a 100% on-chain dynamic soulbound token that acts as both your pass to a one of a kind on chain collectathon and a key to unlocking new friendships.

Nonon hero image

nonon features a first of its kind reward system that lays the foundation for a new age of truth and beauty.

Poetics aside — and there is indeed a deliberately saccharine layer of romance baked into every bit of nonon — what does this all mean? Let's peel back the celluloid chrysalis and talk about what nonon means; in real terms in the context of the current state of web3 and NFTs, as well as exploring the blueprint nonon servers for the future of these spaces.

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FRUiTS x REMiLiA is an unprecedented and historical collaboration of fashion, art, and culture. Remilia, the renowned net art collective, and FRUiTS Magazine, the legendary bible of Tokyo street fashion, have joined forces in a creative canvas that's as inevitable as it is electrifying.

★★★ FRUiTS x REMiLiA ★★★

༺ Pop-up Show & Capsule Collection ༻

♡ JAN 12 - 14 2024 ♡ ♡ DIG SHIBUYA TOKYO ♡

Super Lovers inspired FRUiTS x REMiLiA Collab Logo

Super Lovers inspired FRUiTS x REMiLiA Collab Logo

Remilia returns to Tokyo to present a collab pop-up with FRUiTS Magazine, presented in DIG SHIBUYA 2024, an art festival organized by Shibuya City, as part of the Proof of X art exhibition featuring a selection of digital artists.

Proof of X Main Visual

Featuring new artwork in collaboration with FRUiT's Shoichi Aoki + an official FRUiTS x REMiLiA merch line + FRUiTS MiLADY 3D NFT collection + Kagami Academy pixel NFT collection.

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How We Got Here launched two years ago as an artist-first NFT marketplace.

While our initial focus was on creating a platform that guaranteed the availability of secondary market sales for collections, in 2022 we pivoted primarily to an NFT launchpad, specializing in giving all artists a white glove launch where we helped them every step of the way. represents the next step in our evolution. After helping to launch more than 1,000 collections, with many consistently top trending collections having launched on Scatter, onboarding 50,000+ Web3 wallets, serving millions of curious Web2 users, and processing over 4,000 ETH in sales, we have decided to condense all we’ve learned in this relentless high energy period into a new whitelabel solution we know you'll love.

Over the past two years, it has become clear that Scatter's network of communities and creators has grown powerful, influential, culturally dominant, and is now ready to expand beyond a single shared space.

Our policy has always been to platform everyone, provided they’re acting within our ToS, and Scatter prime will always be this sea of chaos.

However, we know that there is an important path forward for us to provide a way for people to create their own spaces of which they have complete control over.

Rather than have Scatter act as the arbiter of taste, we will now pass this on to you, our users, to run and manage your very own nexus of creativity.

Want to run Scatter your way? Now's your chance with Splinter!

What Is Splinter

Splinter is an opinionated, multi-tenant PaaS framework for building whitelabel web3 platforms and dApps. is the latest evolution of made to help you effortlessly launch your own marketplaces, create your own platforms, build your ecosystems, curate your walled gardens, and set up your own beautiful galleries.

Splinter Promo

Step 1 was, a one-stop shop empowering creators to ship everything needed for a successful NFT launch: secure smart-contracts, bug-free mint UI, tamper-proof IPFS hosting, ERC-20 minting, affiliate marketing, and more.

Step 2 is, a springboard to deploy your very own Scatter. Manage your art ecosystem, cultivate a community, curate collections, and earn sales commissions on your own bespoke marketplace. All without touching a single line of code or needing to worry about uptime.

Step 3 will be █████ ████████ ██ ███ █████████ █ ████████ ██████ ███████ ███ ████████ ██████ ██ █████ ███ ████████ █████████ ████████ ███ █████ ████ ███████ and bring true freedom and agency to the New Internet.

Splinter’s comprehensive suite of tools allows you to deploy your own highly scalable, flexible, multi-region, multi-blockchain application instances. Featuring:

  • Hot-swappable themes. Customizable designs at either the code-level or GUI-level. If you are a professional designer you can get your hands dirty in CSS. If you know color theory you can use the GUI color pickers. Your Splinter will look and feel how you want it to. No time/mind for pixel pushing? Themes are heuristically tuned. Splinter’s theme engine will generate a beautiful theme for you.
  • Composable feature sets. All major features on your Splinter can be toggled. If you want a specific content section enabled you can have it enabled. If you simply want to have a more gallery like Splinter that is your choice.
  • Complete administration tools. You have total control over your Splinter. Every part of it. You can add your own team members and assign them granular permissions. You can enable moderated onboarding that requires your permission before creators can deploy on your Splinter. All admin actions are monitored and logged.
  • Fully managed service. You supply your domain name, pick your theme, choose the features you want enabled, and we worry about authentication, databases, infrastructure, security patches, indexing, analytics, sales bots, and more.
  • SEO optimized structures. SEO best practices are baked in. We want you to own your Splinter’s name on search engines. When people look specifically for you, they will find you. You don’t have to worry about other Splinters importing your collection and showing up first in search. Collections deployed on your Splinter are assigned as canonical links to that collection, which means even if other Splinters import your Splinter’s collections, your Splinter will still be the canonical one for search engine results (even above Scatter prime).

If Scatter represents the dev of your NFT project, Splinter represents the CTO and engineering team for the new platform that will power your ecosystem.

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They’re cute, they’re punk rock, and they’re working to provide copious amounts of liquidity to Remilia projects! Last month, the Punk Rock Cuties mint began on Scatter. Punk Rock Cuties is the flagship project from Punk Rock Capital, a collective led by FloorDAO founder nobi. Punk Rock Capital’s stated intention is to increase liquidity within the Remilia eco while exposing their holders to exotic NFT-Fi yield strategies.

If you’ve studied the Milady lore closely, you’ll likely already be familiar with FloorDAO. A DAO dedicated to sweeping floors and providing liquidity on collections selected by its token holders. The campaigns to get Milady, and later Remilio added to FloorDAO’s treasury were sagas in their own right, and since that time Remilia assets have provided some of FloorDAO’s best returns. The enthusiasm Remila’s community had for floorDAO led nobi to want to create a more targeted, Milady-centric project, that could give back to the ecosystem in ways that FloorDAO cannot due to its scope.


· 4 min read

Leveraging Liquidity is Cute, it's Punk Rock

Punk Rock Cuties

Liquidity as an Oasis

In the burgeoning NFT-Fi market, liquidity is an oasis. The availability of deep, instant liquidity is a critical factor in an asset's success or failure, as capital is always flowing in and out of the thousands of projects launched as NFTs, never returning to most. This fight for liquidity is one that all collections face, and Punk Rock Capital has identified itself as a proactive liquidity provider primarily targeting Remilia Collective’s collections (YAYO NFT, Milady Maker, Redacted Remilio Babies).

At Punk Rock Capital, our approach is straightforward yet impactful. We’ve aligned ourselves with the Remilia Collective, which has already started to leverage the governance system of FloorDAO with the purchase of over $40,000 worth of FloorDAO governance tokens. This is achieved through a series of votes known as the Floor Wars, where gFLOOR (Governance FLOOR) token holders collectively decide which NFT collections will be swept.

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I’m Literally Affirming Right Now

CUTE/ACC Manifesto

CUTE/ACC is coming soon.

Or perhaps it’s already here.

Every time we say the words it feels more real.

Almost like it’s been here all along.

Every time you affirm something it becomes more real and beautiful.

Every time you affirm something you manifest it.

This is the true essence of acceleration: acceleration is the affirmation of destiny, and we are very lucky to have the destiny we have.

There are no other possible worlds, no other timelines, or realities.

Only this One Lucky World, which is, perhaps even, too lucky for its own good.

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Happy UFO Plushies

Let's get physical.

The creative energy that has emerged within the Scatter ecosystem is simply too powerful to remain contained to the digital realm. While the Net will always be our home and digital collectibles forever our trade of choice, we recognize the infinite crossover potential of many of the projects and artists that have found a home on Scatter.

Thus far "NFT merch" has been the domain of a few larger "blue-chip" collections creating their own one-off solutions. As an artist-first platform, we at Scatter wish to make this available to all.

To that end, Scatter has launched merch efforts with our partner site, Happy UFO. You may even have seen Okekaki Connect's Kittykaki on your timeline, or perhaps caught a glimpse of a Radcat from Radbro Webring (if your Radcat came with ants and they are still alive those belong to us, we want our property back). Both the Kittykaki and Radcat projects are already Happy UFO success stories.

Feedback we've received so far on the product has been tremendous and we've decided more creators need access and avenues to bring their creations into the physical world. This is why we're pleased to announce we are opening up the Happy UFO storefront, fulfillment, and production facilities to any NFT projects with a committed team seeking to create physical merchandise.

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I can’t pinpoint the exact moment that I went from being a casual collector, to fully obsessed with acquiring as many Oekaki Maker NFTs as possible, but I do recall the moment that I laid eyes on one of the early Oekaki generations. The feeling invoked in me could be described in one word: Moe.

But before we start tumbling down that winding rabbit hole, it will probably be a good idea to talk about their creation.

The A.I. Question

Oekaki Maker is a collection of “Neo-chibi aesthetic enthusiast network cohesion lainpilled artisanal AI generative synthesis NFTs.”

Oekakis are chibis drenched in anime and internet culture references, styled to appear as if they had been rendered using an Oekaki board’s drawing app…and they were created with the assistance of AI. With “AI art” still being a very heated topic, addressing its use is unavoidable. As an artist myself I’m not free of concerns about what image-generating AI’s will mean for art as a profession in the future, but my love for Oekakis leading me to learn a little about the process behind their creation, showed me that it isn’t a zero sum situation: There are other possibilities.

If you’re someone that’s also on the fence about AI-generated images, but you're already here, reading about NFTs, then it means you survived the previous moral panic that gripped the online art scene. If the hysteria then was overblown, could it be the same here?