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Affiliate Program

Scatter supports an on-chain affiliate program in which you can offer up to 50% of mint proceeds to affiliates.

To enable your collection's affiliate program you simply need to either set the affiliate fee % to be higher than 0 when deploying your collection, or find your collection on, go to the write tab of your contract, click connect until it is green, find the setAffiliateFee field, enter a value of 500 for 5% or 1000 for 10% and so on.

Once your collection has an affiliate fee % above 0, an Affiliates tab will show up for people who are connected to Scatter while viewing your collection. On this tab, anyone can click to join your affiliate program and create their own affiliate link for collection. The max affiliate fee % you can set is 50% / 5000.

For those curious, if you did set your affiliate fee % to 50% the affiliate would be 50% of the mint proceeds, you would be at 45%, and the Scatter platform fee would be 5%.

You can set an affiliate discount % as well. It's a discount applied to each NFT minted with an affiliate code. The max affiliate discount % you can set is 50% / 5000.

If you enable the affiliate program for your collection, we recommend setting your % as high as you are comfortable setting it.

Having an affiliate program is not necessary for a successful launch, but it can help sustain long term passive marketing to keep your mints steady until you reach mint out.

If you join an affiliate program and share a link you are obligated to disclose that the link is an affiliate link.

By default, all affiliate programs are open to everyone to join. If you want your affiliate program to be exclusive to specific addresses please contact us before you set an affiliate percent so that we can make your program invite only.