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Dynamic Apps

Dynamic apps (dapps) are frequently way of connecting to a contract to mint the contract's collection. Unfortunately, they come with a great amount of risk, and until wallets universally are able to catch and stop scams caused by connecting to random sites in the wild.

Scatter still offers a dapp template which you can use with your Scatter deployed collection. You can deploy your collection on Scatter, having minting enabled on Scatter, while also hosting your dapp on any site you own.

Scatter also offers the ability to host your customized dapps on secure Scatter subdomains. So you can still make a hyper custom dapp experience while still having it hosted on a trusted site. If you want a special dapp we strongly suggest you use this option to host on a secure Scatter subdomain.

This dapp was made from our basic template in about a day:

If you do want a customized dapp hosted on a Scatter subdomain you would still be able to have normal minting on the main Scatter site too. We generally want subdomain dapp solutions finalized at least a week before launch. Before launch, we would work with you to test all features on our testnet to ensure your dapp is good to go.

The possibility of customized dapps are still much greater than a simple page. If your creative vision relies on a highly customized dapp with a variety of visual or interactive features get in contact with us and let us know what you have in mind. We have networks of highly skilled artists, designers, coders, and musicians who can help make something extremely extra for your launch.

If you want to make your dapp entirely on your own but still host it on a Scatter subdomain you can but we will need access and time to review your code for safety.