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Instareveal is a service that Scatter provides. Currently this service is available exclusively for collections which launch with Scatter.

Instareveal works by not revealing NFT metadata onto IPFS until NFTs are minted.

If you wish to use Instareveal with your collection it is very important that you do not upload your assets to IPFS yourself. This is because IPFS works based on file hashes, and so if you upload to IPFS yourself another IPFS node will be able to serve your NFT's files.

Contact us on Twitter / Discord / Telegram to use Instareveal.

Instareveal does not currently support _nsfw tags but will in the future.

Instareveal takes some time to process files to be ready. You should make sure you get us the files days in advance of your launch so that we can make sure it's good to go for your release.

Instareveal works on mainnet only, we aren't monitoring for mints on Sepolia testnet.

Prepare Your Collection

To prepare your collection for Instareveal, you need to have two folders zipped. The two folders should be named "json" and "images" and both should be at the top level of the zip.

The JSON files should not have the .json file extension.

Your files should begin with an index of 1 and not 0. If you have a 0.json and your collection size is 1000 you likely don't have a 1000.json, so you can rename that 0.json to 1000.json and also update its internal values with a plain text editor then also rename the 0.png to be 1000.png instead.

The image field in the JSONs should have "REPLACEME" in the position of the IPFS CID:

"image": "ipfs://REPLACEME/1.png"

"image": "ipfs://REPLACEME/2.png"

"image": "ipfs://REPLACEME/3.png"

You can run this Python script next to your "images" and "json" folders to verify that they are proper and ready for Instareveal:

The above script will perform a variety of tests and print out any issues. If you can satisfy that script your files will likely be ready to use with no issues.

Extra files such as _metadata.json must also be deleted safely from your JSON folder if that is generated. If you upload extra files it will cause errors after you upload. Instareveal currently expects exactly two folders "images" and "json" and each folder must have the same number of files in them starting from an index of 1 to your max supply.

If you are on macOS you need to avoid including the system files (such as .DS_Store and __MACOSX folder) in the zip you are uploading by running this command in the folder of the "json" and "images" folders:

zip -r . -x '**/.*' -x '**/__MACOSX'

Instareveal Key

If you are given an Instareveal API key you will be uploading your collection's .zip file to Instareveal yourself. You will select the .zip and enter your API key exactly in the link provided to you in order to upload your .zip. Once your .zip has been uploaded let us know so we can prepare the final step.


Your Instareveal setup must be linked to your collection so that as your NFTs are minted. You can deploy your collection while leaving your baseURI field blank, and then update your baseURI to one one we provide. Or you can have use do the Instareveal setup process first for you and give you a baseURI you can set as you deploy your collection.


Our Instareveal service watches contracts for mints and reveals their tokens in order as mints accumulate. During periods of large amounts of mints this process may appear to be slow. You can tell your holders the reveal is in progress and they can expect their tokens to be revealed within some minutes.