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Why Scatter

Access to a team with millions in NFT sales

The Scatter team wants your project to be successful and will advise you on best practices for your launch. We have worked with many teams helping them do their launches and can help you to avoid common mistakes while also encouraging you to seek out viable opportunities.

Less overall risk, lower friction, a contract your minters can trust

Scatter contracts are battle tested and audited. You do not need a technical background to deploy them. You avoid many common human errors by using our contract factories.

On the other hand, your minters can rest easy knowing they are interacting with a contract and platform from a trusted team and community. Random dapps require trusted people to read the contracts and verify that they are safe, and even then contracts can be swapped, exploited, or misinterpreted. Using Scatter will lower your minting friction as people know how Scatter works and is not going to be compromised by 3rd party contract code.

Low cost to deploy, low cost to mint

Scatter's contract factories enable you to create a contract that you own on chain without incurring the hefty costs often involved in deploying a collection. When you deploy a contract on Scatter, that contract cryptographically belongs to you, no shared store front trickery, its your collection, your art, your keys.

Scatter's contracts are optimized to balance low fees with the features you and your minters want.

Easy to use testnet

Scatter has a public testnet site available at You can use this site to safely experiment with creating and managing a collection without spending any money to ensure that everything is perfect when it comes time for your mainnet launch. You can get free sETH at a variety of faucets

Unmatched Feature Set

Theres more than one way to skin an ape, and theres more than one way to mint a collection, that's why here at Scatter we continually roll out new mint features for creators to make use to create a minting experience that perfectly fits their product.

Bulk Minting Discounts- Want to encourage your holders to mint multiples? Scatter's UI makes it easy for you to set discounted prices for collectors minting multiples

Burn2Mint- Are you creating a sequel/sister collection? Do you have a "phase 2" for your NFTs? Want your mint to reduce another collection's supply? Then our burn2mint functionality is for you! When enabling burn2mint, creators allow collectors to sacrifice a particular NFT to mint one from the new collection. Scatter's Burn2Mint function ensures sacrificed NFTs are fully burned on-chain, so holders do not have to worry about teams executing burn after the mint.

Instareveal- Scatter offers exclusive access to our instareveal solution for projects minting on the platform. With instareveal you can have your NFTs reveal as they are minted instead of waiting for mintout, while also being sure that you won't be gamed by rarity snipers.

Zero upfront fees, only the gas cost to deploy

Scatter only gets paid when you do. Scatter charges a 5% platform fee on paid mints. This fee is taken from the mint cost and is not an added cost for minters. This fee is tracked on-chain and uses the same system as our on-chain affiliate program. Scatter does not take anything from external marketplace royalties, those are all yours. The 5% fee is the only fee Scatter has.

All services Scatter provides are covered under the 5% platform fee. This includes custom contract work, custom mint page work, any support you need, or any consulting you need that we can reasonably provide. If you have any technical questions not covered in these docs do not be shy about reaching out to us.

Free mint collections where we get nothing are still welcome on Scatter. Our mission is to provide a safe and open platform for art collections and that includes providing confidence for collectors in claiming free mints so we are happy to provide this service. You can also use Scatter to airdrop collections to lists of addresses at no cost from us, you only pay gas fees.

Custom Support

Do you want a custom dapp? Do you need custom contract features? Scatter has enabled many partners to realize their technical and creative visions, and we can help you too. If you've got plans that go beyond an NFT mint, and are looking for assistance in execution just let us know!